Liftdex is a local steel fabricator specialized in training equipment for both home and commercial gyms. Headquartered in Dubai, with factories all over the UAE, we ensure our clients stand out from the competition with the highest quality yet affordable equipment.
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  • Home gym to start working out
    Working out is a great way to release any built-up stress and anxiety. It also offers many physical benefits such as increased muscle strength, fat loss, increased bone density, weight loss, shape attraction, and improved mental health. With that being said, there are many different styles of workouts you can do at home including yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, martial arts, or even running....
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  • The most attractive gym equipment
    London The most attractive gym equipment is not only visually pleasing but also good for the exercisers. The first consideration when buying a new piece of equipment should be what is best for the exercisers. To find out what people are looking for when they buy a new piece of equipment, one can simply search online what people were looking for and how they rated the different pieces of...
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    What makes gym equipment more attractive for working out
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  • Possibility of owning a Home Gym
    It is not easy nowadays to go, around looking for a commercial gym center. A home gym is an attractive idea for people who want to work out and stay fit. But they have to invest in the inexpensive equipment and space that they need.   The good news is that there are many affordable choices on the market today, with many of them being relatively inexpensive and compact. There are many...
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    Becoming healthy does not demand drugs and medical practitioners. It required consistent exercise.

    If you are looking for how to become healthy with your family, you can meet a gym equipment manufacturer for effective exercise equipment that will help you grow more strength. One of the most furnished home exercise equipment for regular workout activities is: 

    Dumbbells: This piece of workout equipment (dumbbells) helps you to grow more muscle and maintain your bodybuilding. This equipment is spacious. It accommodates a small space for every exerciser.

    Kettlebells: A unique workout equipment (kettlebell) designed to help exercisers increase their daily workout routine. It is also spacious workout equipment that helps individuals to remain committed to stretching their arms and staying fit always. 

    Rowing Machine: The rowing machine is a well-structured exercise machine used to build more strength when working out at home. It is user-friendly and also helped to burn our calories often. 

    Crash Mats: This piece of exercise equipment (crash mats) protects you from injuries while exercising. It is always unique when placed on the floor. It allows exercise to stretch the entire body when working out with it. 

    Squat Rack: A squat rack help you to grow more strongly and to stay healthy when working out with. It is designed to help lifters lift a piece of weighted equipment so easily. You have all the concepts to work out using this piece of workout equipment. Affordable if approached by the manufacturer. 

    Barbell: It is said without a knife, a farmer has nothing to offer while going to farm. This piece of exercise equipment barbell is a peripheral that is made up of a squat rack. Power-lifters add weighted equipment to this piece of exercise equipment to help them lift weight easily. It is a well-structured piece of gym equipment that helps you to gain more strength while working out with it. 

    VLUU L210 / Samsung L210

    Gym Bench: Building a muscle or staying fit demands for gym bench. This workout equipment increases your chance of bench press, backbench press, lifting weighted equipment, and a lot more. 

    How safe is exercise equipment

    The above-listed exercise equipment is a popular choice for people who want to maintain their fitness levels. It is also a way to stay in shape and keep up with the latest trends.

    However, there are some safety concerns that you need to be aware of when it comes to exercise equipment.

    The first thing you should know is that not all exercise equipment is created equally. There are some types of equipment that are more dangerous than others. For example, treadmills have been known to cause injuries due to slipping accidents and falling off the machine during use. The same thing can happen with elliptical machines if someone leans too far forward or backward while using them.

    Exercise equipment is a big investment for people. It is important to find out if the equipment you are buying is safe and how much it will cost to maintain.

    The safety of exercise equipment varies depending on what type of machine you are using and who manufactured it. The most common injuries on exercise machines are due to improper use, lack of proper installation, or lack of maintenance.

    Many factors go into determining the safety level of an exercise machine, such as the manufacturer’s reputation and how well-maintained it is. This brought the manufacturer of exercise equipment. When looking at the safety of workout equipment, you need to consider building your exercise equipment with a manufacturer like Liftdex for quality and lasting installation.

    About Liftdex

    Liftdex Strength and Equipment is a leading and authorized licensed gym equipment Manufacturer and supplier in UAE with many years of experience, they have been able to provide fitness solutions unmatched to many companies both homes and government parastatals. You reach out to them for more information related to exercise equipment.

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    Becoming an Entrepreneur by Chioma Ogbonna
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    How well can one workout use home gym equipment?
    ​ In this article, we’ll work through the importance of working out with home exercise equipment. Considering the trend of a gym and the structure of exercise equipment, one will accept the...
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    How we Compete with Squat Rack
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  • Building Muscle Consistently
    In this article, we’ll work through the possible way to add more muscle and shape while exercising.   Today, many people desire to grow their strength, and others work hard to see their bodies in shape. Most time, the female always desired to stay in shape by building more buttocks. Research has shown, that women with more buttocks are well attracted to men. Many people have...
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    In this article, we’ll work through the possible way to add more muscle and shape while exercising.

    Today, many people desire to grow their strength, and others work hard to see their bodies in shape. Most time, the female always desired to stay in shape by building more buttocks. Research has shown, that women with more buttocks are well attracted to men.

    Many people have worked hard to grow their strength or stay in shape using the commercial gym, but the result is returned to be reversed. Building a muscle required consistent exercise likewise staying in shape. For one to stay in shape and earn more strength while working out, you need to work out at your confident time and comfortable place.

    Looking at “Dwayne Johnson”, he has proven the best in a workout routine. He was able to construct more workout exercise equipment at home to help him work out consistently.

    During his speech, he said, he was challenged by different workout exercises which gave him sleepless nights, and for him to grow his muscle and strength to entertain the world, he need to work out every minute or hour. Looking at his goal, he desires to build more muscle and strength. In his ambition, he wants the world to see him as the best when it comes to muscle building and strength gaining. While he was on speech, he said for him to overcome this, he need to exercise often and his goal was to wake up every morning and see exercise equipment on his doorstep.

    After all this, he went ahead to build home gym equipment within his home. He said, when you come to his home, in every corner, you will see exercise equipment. Why he made it so is to challenge his fear and to stay positive whenever he comes across each workout equipment. 

    The brief benefit of working out yourself

    When exercising come as a personal thing, you enjoy it most by its privacy. Looking at the concept of workout routine, you can attest that when you work out in a private place, you end up staying committed to achieving your end goal.

    Let us take an examination as an example. When you are preparing for an exam, you always enjoy reading with friends and sharing ideas, but during your private time, you read with confidence and understanding. Most people enjoy reading along with their friends but the truth remains that you cannot compare when you study alone and when you study with your friends.

    Think of solving a mathematical equation. You always desire a private place to help you think about how to overcome the equation.

    Looking at the above example, it is applicable when you work out with exercise equipment. Exercising with people gives you chance to know some structure and movement of people but all this can be achieved when you workout from your comfort zone.

    While exercising from your home, you can watch some exercise processes from certified personal trainers (television) which gives you a guideline to build your workout routine.

    Why so many people are afraid of building their exercise equipment is because of the cost of exercise equipment. This fear of the cost of workout equipment should not suppose to be so because you can achieve owning a home gym by approaching a good manufacturer within your area.

    Today people are investing in home exercise equipment most efficiently. The way is to remit the same membership fee to a gym equipment manufacturer. Most people become the owner of the home gym today by purchasing the equipment with installment payment. The same monthly fee they pay to the commercial exercise center, they paid to the gym equipment manufacturer for an installment. 

    The equipment is well packed and installed in your home at your first payment, you become the owner of the home gym.

    Conclusion: If you are looking forward in staying healthy with your family, you need to start working out. To workout consistently without running a rat raise, you need to own a piece of personal exercise equipment. You can achieve this by visiting a well-known exercise manufacturer within your area such as Liftdex. Start today with an easy payment gateway. 

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