Liftdex is a local steel fabricator specialized in training equipment for both home and commercial gyms. Headquartered in Dubai, with factories all over the UAE, we ensure our clients stand out from the competition with the highest quality yet affordable equipment.
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    When we talk about strength training, it is generated by how confident and resilience one can go through building their body. Everything achievement in life worth sacrifice, strength training is not exceptional.   

    Strength training uses weights or resistance to increase the strength and endurance of your muscles, as well as the strength of your bones. It is sometimes called resistance training or weight training. The weights used in strength-training exercises are generated through Home Gym Equipment or another exercising platform, this includes:  

    • your own body weight – e.g., push-ups and squat rack squats, yoga and Pilates

    • free weights – such as dumbbells and barbells, which you hold, or wrist and ankle weights, which you attach with straps

    • weight machines – devices that have adjustable seats with handles attached to either weight such as air rowing machine.

    • elastic resistance bands, these are like giant rubber bands that provide resistance when stretched; they are color-coded according to the level of resistance.

    • Thumb tape – these are part of exercise equipment that keeps you going with quality protection from stiffness to your thumbs.

    • Kettlebells – this piece of equipment is design with structure of kettle, it aims on stretching your hands and adding more weight when exercise with weighted kettlebell.

    • Dumbbells – this equipment another structured gym equipment with the purpose of adding more strength, weight to your muscle. When exercising with this piece of equipment, you must dedicate time and exercise with two hands. This comes in pairs and has different kilograms for every individual. When exercising with this equipment, you pick your desired kg.

    • Air Rowing Machine – This equipment uses fan flywheel to spin and pressure strength while exercising. As the flywheel spins, the fan creates the wind that causes pressure and resistance each time to pull on the handlebar and chain.

    • Speed Rope – speed rope is easy to up your stamina with regular practice. You can exercise with speed as the name apply. When handling the rope, it always come with handler to place your hand and start skipping rope. Is always mor fun when exercising with this piece of equipment, within forty-five minutes, it might not sound like a lot, but once you get skipping you may find yourself out of breath sooner than you thought.

    • Gym bench – as the name implies, so is the function of it. Using this piece of equipment gives you room in lifting more weighted equipment without stress. It assists you to grow your muscle while exercising often with the bench. While exercising, you lay on the bench with your back on the bench while your face phases the sky. You lift the equipment hanged on squat rack for easy weight lifting. One of the most structural benches is that you can exercise with other gym equipment not only for weighted equipment.

    When Having Issues while exercising

    An exercise professional can advise which weights and bands you should use. You can purchase any weights and resistance bands at sporting goods stores and some major retailers around your exercise center. Some people make hand weights from everyday objects, such as plastic bottles filled with water or sand.

    Regular physical activity has been shown to significantly improve the health outcomes for old and young. Regular exercise with Home Gym Equipment assists in maintaining good blood glucose control which in turn helps to decrease the risk of developing diabetes complications such as neuropathy and nephropathy.

    It can also enhance quality of life and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Prescribing exercise should be considered one of the essential components of for people who are not fit for exercise.

    Why you need strength training equipment 

    Strength training equipment helps you to stay committed while exercising. It helps you in growing younger with strength and energy. Strength training today has taking to another shape in advancing the structure of equipment used and another instrument.  When preparing for strength training, is recommended to move with professionals. You can contract a coach to train you if you have personal Home Gym Equipment, or you can approach any of your friends who happened to have experience in workout. While preparing for strength training, you are advised to get pair of exercise shoes and wears that will give you space while exercising.  

    Start to exercise with any cardio machine, make sure you follow the procedure of your coach. Exercise for 15minutes and switch to other equipment such as, kettlebell and Dumbbells. Do not lift any equipment that seems heavier than your strength. Always watch your strength trainer.

    When you are done with kettlebell and dumbbells, you switch to barbells and weight lifting bench. Here you will lift a weighted equipment but it must range from your strength or from your strength trainer’s advice. If your trainer advises you not to lift a weighted equipment, please adapt to what your coach said. From Doing this, you can exercise comfortable.

    Conclusion: Is better to exercise with a coach who will monitor you and give you a play grand that suit your strength. Strength training is vital and unique while exercising.  

    About Liftdex: Liftdex is a famous gym equipment fabricator and supplier in Dubai, UAE. We provide a wide range of cardio, strength, storage, and various kinds of Outdoor and Indoor equipment in the UAE. Here, we design, customize equipment and deliver it to your doorstep. All our factories are proudly certified and comply with the ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, and en1090 standards.

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