The Nigerian army is one of the largest in Africa, employing over 300,000 personnel. There are a number of ways to join up with the Nigerian army which we will discuss here. The recruitment process for joining Nigeria's military can be lengthy but it all starts with filling out an application form. This blog post will go through some tips and tricks to help make your application successful!

NOTE: I do not have all the information i want to share because of the size of this post. The below is as accurate and complete a guide as I can provide. This is not meant to be an attempt to profit from your application. Rather, it is intended for those who are wishing to learn and find out more about getting into the Nigerian Army.  It is also an attempt to help survivors overcome their trauma of surviving in war without any hope or future.

Step 1 – The Form

There are two forms of application available for you to apply with and there's no need to use both, just pick one that makes sense for you at that moment.
Application for recruitment into the Nigerian Army ( PDF ) - This form is best for people that understand what they want and have good plans for the future. This form is best for you if you are studying and wish to join, or if you already have a job and plan on joining later in life, or if you are employed (at least self-employed).
Application Form for Bursary/Scholarship ( PDF ) - This form is best for people that do not have much of an idea what they want to do in life yet and would prefer support from the army in this regard. It can also be used if you are looking at going back to school.
Once you have chosen which form you want to use, start filling it in. To be accepted by the army, you will need to show proof of your:
1.  Age ; Your birth certificate, voter's card or international passport will do.
2.  Nationality; If you are a Nigerian citizen and have fled the country/are outside the country, you will need to provide proof of your citizenship through a letter from your embassy or other such documentation.
3.  Education ; You will need to provide evidence of your education (eg; reports from school). At a minimum you must have completed junior secondary school (JSS3). If you wish to join the army without going to school for a few years, this can be arranged.  Going to university is not required and most soldiers do not have degrees.
4.  Discipline; You will need to provide evidence that you are well behaved, ie; no criminal convictions, divorces, etc.
5.  Security clearance ; You will need to provide proof of your clearances from the following:
i.  Police clearance
ii.  Security clearance from your company (or company's security department) or other such documentation.
6.  Medical and dental certificates ; As well as photo copies of all of your medical reports and immunization certificates, you will also need a copy of both your medical and dental x-rays. If you have been involved in an accident, you will need to provide a certificate from your doctor(s).
7.  Psychological evaluation ; You will need to complete a psychological evaluation, which you can do at your company's or higher authorities' expense.
8.  Military skills ; You must demonstrate a basic understanding of army procedures and an ability to follow orders.
9.  Weapons and equipment; You will need to provide proof of the following:
i.  Ammunition certificate from your company (or company's ammunition department) or other similar documentation for all the weapons in your possession that you have been issued with
ii.  Proof of ownership for all the weapons in your possession that you are obligated to carry on duty (ie; firearm, pepper spray, handcuffs etc)
10.  Medical fitness to serve; You must provide two medical certificates, one from your company's doctor and the other from an external doctor. The external certificate (provided by a private clinic or hospital) must include proof of your physical fitness to serve.
11.  Reference letter; You will need a reference letter from your company's personnel department.
12.  Passport / ID; To apply for a passport, you will need to submit copies of your:
i. Provincial ID card
ii. Company ID card
iii. Military documentation (if applicable)
iv. Work contract (if applicable)
v. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
vi. Residency permit (if applicable)
To apply for a provincial ID card you will need to submit copies of:
i. Your passport
ii. Your company's personnel records (a letter from your employer is also required)
iii. Work contract and marriage certificate (if applicable)
iv. Residency permit (if applicable)
You will need a documents verification from your company's legal department for the provincial ID card application to be successful.
13 Work Permit; Both you and your wife will need to submit all the required documents at the local government office for work permits to be issued.
14.Filing fee; The application fee is N200,000 but your company may pay the fee for you.

NOTE: The above is a comprehensive list of requirements to apply for the Nigerian Army, however there will be other documentation that you may be required to provide as well (so make sure you read all the relevant documents/guides carefully). However, this is all the information I have been able to gather so far. If any of this information is inaccurate or deficient please share with us in the comment section below.

Step 2 – Submitting Your Application

Once you have filled out your application, mail it to:
Army Recruitment and Admission Services (ARAS)
Plot 1092 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Area 7, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

You can still make an appointment online using the nigerian army recruitment portal via If you have any further questions concerning the application process, or would like to discuss your options with someone that knows army life, feel free to leave a comment below. I would be happy to help.