We have so many different types of clothing articles that we get confused about which ones should be dry cleaned and which ones need machines or hand washing. Well, Dhobilite is here with the solution. We have made a list of which fabrics you should and shouldn’t dry clean.

Silk: - Your silk garments are guaranteed to last long. If these are appropriately cared for, your silk clothing may have machine washing instructions, but trust us, dry cleaning is better since Dry Cleaners use special chemicals to ensure that your silk garment remains colorful and shiny.

All silk garments will thus have benefits from dry cleaning, but we at Dhobilite strongly advise you only to Dry Clean bright, printed, lined, or dark garments as hand washing can ruin these.

Sequined Clothes: - Washing clothes with embellishes or sequins is a bad idea as these can rip apart in washing machines and then you will have to take the trouble to buy new garments. A better solution is to look up Dry Cleaner Near me as these professionals will adequately take care of your sequined clothes and bring these back to your home safely.

Pleated Clothes: - Remember this, a washing machine is the enemy of your pleated garments. If you wash your pleated dresses in a washing machine, the pleats will reduce, and the clothes won’t look sharp. Instead, your dry cleaner will preserve the pleats and keep your pleated garment stain-free.

Rayon: - Rayon is a fabric that is not suited for washing machines. Your rayon article will still be dirty after washing. It would be best if you leave it to your dry cleaners, who will clean it with proper chemicals and remove the stain and dirt.

Suits: - Regular washing will ruin the shape of your suits, resulting in you continuously buying new ones and wasting your hard-earned money. It's better to pay that money to a dry cleaning service, as these professionals will ensure that your suit remains the same size it was when you bought it.  

Wool & Lined Clothing: - Washing wool may change its shape, but why would you take the risk? Take your woolen clothes to a dry cleaner so that your woolen fabrics don’t shrink.

Similar is the case with your clothes with lining such as t-shirts and shirts need to be only dry cleaned unless you want to alter the lining or change the shape of such garments.

Leather: - A single wash can ruin your leather clothes, such as pants, jackets, etc., but don’t worry, dry cleaning to the rescue. Your dry cleaning service will ensure that your leather articles are safe, fresh, stain-free, and of the right shape always.

Velvet: - You love your velvet articles because of how soft and comfy these feel, but every wash will reduce the softness of your so-called luxurious garments. Dry cleaners, on the other hand, will maintain the softness and shape of your velvet clothes. 

Linen: - The case with linen depends on the labels. To put it simply, you are allowed to wash most of your linen clothes, but watch out for the dry clean only label. If this label is there, your article must go to the dry cleaner only.

Denim: - Dry clean or not depends on the type of jeans you have.

  • If you have raw denim, you should remove the stains and only wash them when necessary.
  • You can wash your regular jeans with cold water but only dry, such as jeans under the sun.
  • Your high-end jeans need dry cleaning only.

Cashmere: If your dry cleaner uses a gentle solvent, you can leave your cashmere article with your dry cleaner. Otherwise, we would strongly recommend you to hand wash it. Just don’t dry it with a clothes dryer.

Cotton: - You have the green light to wash your cotton garments. However, you should never use hot water to shrink the fabric and fade the colors. Using warm or cold water is perfectly fine.

Synthetics: - Just like cotton, you are allowed to machine wash your synthetics. The advice here would be to use a low cycle and dry these articles under sunlight. Using these tips will ensure that your synthetics last long.