Part-time jobs are ideal to earn a bit of extra money. What options you have and which hooks are there - get an overview now!

At the end of the money is still so much month left ...
You know that guaranteed from your own (speak: painful) experience. Instead of constantly pumping up your parents or friends, a part-time job might be just the thing for you. Having a job at the same time has many advantages.

Number one is obvious: Such a part-time job is a great help against chronic bankruptcy. You become more independent, practice dealing with money - and spend it more consciously.

Who knows how many shelves he has to fill in the supermarket in order to be able to afford "once cinema with food and drinks", sees money with different eyes. That sounds stuffy, but it will bring you a lot.

Because: If you know the value of your money, you will also find a home much easier. And that in turn increases your chances that Peter Zwegat can stay in Berlin and not have to make his way to you to help you out of debt.

A part-time job is the first real job experience for most people. You get in touch with other people (depending on the job maybe with bosses, colleagues and customers alike), experience the workday close up and have to prove you without any backing. That, in turn, looks good on the CV. Because of no matter whether the part-time job has something to do with your later career aspirations or goes in a completely different direction: who with a job next to the school reliability, commitment, diligence, and self-initiative proves, who has in future applications directly on the board.

Too much is forbidden
Before you already dream of swimming in Münzbergen like Dagobert Duck: For you, as a student, there are fixed requirements and thus some legal restrictions. That also makes sense - after all, you should still have enough time and power to the school. The Youth Employment Act regulates very precisely what is allowed and what is not allowed and sets clear limits to your job and earning potential.

The maximum possible weekly working hours, working days and working hours are limited depending on your age and compulsory education. Of course, most employers have the rules on screen - but it does not hurt to inform yourself about your rights and obligations.

Incidentally, many entrepreneurs or companies are not writing part-time jobs until they are 16 years old. But even if you are still a disciple, you can improve your pocket money: In the first four of the following five proposals, you have good chances.

1. Help in the household or in the neighborhood
Mum take off the ironing, mow the neighbor next door or paint the neighbor's opposite the fence: There are plenty of small jobs around the household, with which you can earn you a few Scheinchen.

2. Babysitting
The classic among the side jobs. With babies and (small) children you should be good - and take care of the little ones responsibly. After all, the parents trust you to their offspring. If you do your job well, you have good earning potential.

3. Give tutoring
If you feel safe in English or math and can explain the substance well to others, a tutoring job might be for you. The hourly rates are usually in order and the effort is quite manageable. Those who prefer to work spiritually rather than physically are also in the right place here. Moreover, you can simply navigate to this web-site and those people will help you with searching a child who needs tutoring help.

4. Working in the supermarket or drugstore
Large supermarket and drugstore chains usually like to give side jobs to students. You can also do it right and do it physically: From shelf filling to tidying or wiping, there are often things to do for under-16s.

5. Job in the fast food restaurant
As a student, you are also welcome to the "usual suspects" in the industry. Hourly pay and working hours are usually fair. However, you should bring some stress resistance and a basic talent for dealing with people. After all, it has to be quick - and then you should not be afraid of demanding customers.