If you are already in the taxi business but are looking for a digital platform then this article is a must read for you! For decades the concept of hiring a taxi was quite primitive. However, Uber changed the face of the game altogether when it provided the world with the On Demand Model which was digitally accessible.

Now, make no mistake, the on demand concept has been around for a long time. We have all had our favorite cabbies that we can call and rely on. However, their availability and charges were always up in the air. With the growing access to the internet, smart phones and APIs such as maps and GPS, the power of technology truly presented Uber as a gift to society.

After Uber was met with tremendous success, people all over the world who had taxi businesses understood and appreciated the power of digitization of their business which could quite literally place their taxis and their drivers exactly where needed.

There are many factors that make Uber Clone the perfect solution for the transportation business. Let us look at these advantages one by one and try to understand how they can help you in growing your profits.


These days, almost everyone has a smart phone. If not that, they at least have access to the internet on their other digital assistants and smart devices such as tablets, laptops and so on and so forth. By getting your taxi business online, you empower the riders to be able to instantly hire taxis without having to desperately wait around corners of the steer trying to flag a car down.

This accessibility is also beneficial to the drivers as they don’t have to worry about looking around for customers. They get notified every time there is someone looking for a ride in the nearby areas or the radius mentioned in the app.

Location Wise

It is absolutely infuriating to have to give instructions about exactly what the location of the pick up or drop is. The best thing about having an online taxi booking portal is that it relies on a map which eliminates the guess work from the itinerary.

The rider simply enters the pick up and drop location on the app and the driver can easily follow the map and reach the exact location. It is also beneficial for drivers that are new to the region or tourists who have little knowledge of the topography.

No More Haggling

The worst thing about getting a ride from a cabbie on the street is the uncertainty of the fare. People are almost always in doubt about whether the fare being charged is appropriate or not. What’s worse is that this anticipation of not getting robbed makes people fight for even basic fares.

With an app like the Uber Clone thrown in the midst, everything becomes a lot more transparent. The app automatically calculates the fare thereby completely eradicating any confusion or haggling that can not only be unpleasant but also unnecessary.

Automated Payments

The pandemic has taught us all to minimize physical contact with different people and unsanitary objects. Money has a habit of going around from one hand to another and therefore can be the bearer of a lot of pathogens. With the automated payments feature in your Uber Clone app, your customer or your driver doesn’t have to worry about becoming an unknown vector for any disease.

Apart from this, online transactions also provide a certain convenience as the rider or the driver don’t have to haggle over spare change or worry about not finding the exact amount as calculated by the app. It also saves a lot of time and is effortless and absolutely safe.

In App Communication

Sometimes, directions on the map may not be as clear as we would hope for it to be. The Uber Clone app offers the in app calls or chat facility which the drivers as well as the riders can use in order to communicate details with each other.

Call Masking

Now, while we all would like to get in touch with the rider or the driver if in the spot, we might not be interested in sharing our personal details such as our phone numbers with strangers. This is where call masking comes in handy. Since the calls and messages made within the app are done through Voice Over IP, the personal information of both parties is always protected.

How to choose the right Uber clone app for your business?

The first thing that you must do while choosing an Uber Clone for your taxi business is to make sure that you go through all the informational and tutorial videos that the development company offers. This will allow you to understand the functionality of the app better so that you can take the demo of the app in a clearer and more informed way.

The next step is obviously to take a demo. Now, please bear in mind that the demo that you take should be done from both the Driver’s point of view and the rider’s point of view and while you are at it, you must also take a look at the admin panel.

This should give you a clear idea of exactly what to expect once you have made the purchase of the app. Do not hesitate to speak to the development team in case you have any doubts right at the beginning. Also, make sure that you only purchase your Uber Clone app from a reputed white label on demand mobile app Development Company with at least 7 to 9 years of experience in building and launching apps of this nature.