How Wi-Fi cam has emerged?

In the past decade, they've become a staple item in manyprofessional and consumer grade video and photo studios. And now, they'restarting to catch on as a device that's used by ordinary folks as well. Wi-Ficameras were initially designed for two particular uses: recording videofootage and remotely connecting to a live camera feed from another location.But as their popularity grew, other uses for WiFi Camera devices began toemerge.


Here are some of the uses of Wi-Fi camera systems.

Wi-Fi kits

Some of the features of Wi-Fi kits are great. For example,you can get access to a huge database of cameras and scenes, which could bearranged in any way that makes sense to you. You can also find kits thatcontain software will allow you to watch your camera feed from your PC. Some ofthese features, however, can prove useful only if your source of internet is areliable, fast connection.

Functional purposes

Some home owners use Wi-Fi security cameras not just forvisual evidence, but for functional purposes as well. For instance, one personmay want to use their video-monitoring system inside their home or business.They can do that by using a wireless device to display the footage on theircomputer screen.


Others may want to use this type of equipment for monitoringwhat's going on while they're away from the premises. They can use the recordedfootage to check on the condition of the house or if they're being robbed.These are all uses that can be both legal and useful, but there's certainly no lawagainst using such technology in your own property.

Types of cameras

There are two basic types of indoor cameras available, wiredor wireless.

Wired cameras connect via a physical wire to an area that'scapable of receiving and transmitting (WRT). The best Wi-Fi security camerasuse WEP, or Wireless Equivalent Privacy, to ensure that anyone trying tointercept or view your footage will need a connection to the same network thatyou do.

Why Wi-Fi cameras use IR transmitters?

WiFi camera use radio waves to transmit their images. Mostof the time, their signal has a range of about twenty to thirty miles. As longas the range is sufficient, you shouldn't have too much trouble broadcastingyour camera feed over a large area. However, a wireless device doesn't alwaysbroadcast at the same frequency as your regular wireless network. If yourrouter or access point isn't powerful enough to broadcast to a wider range,then you won't be able to view your footage from every room in your house. Thisis why most dome cameras use IR transmitters that can transmit at a much largerrange.

Things to consider

Quality Wi-Fi security camera system

When you need to get quality video footage, you need to makesure that you have a quality Wi-Fi security camera system. Most of the time,the wireless network that you use will already provide the most bandwidth andtherefore the best quality footage for your purposes. If you have a computer ora laptop that isn't connected to a public Wi-Fi network, you'll have to buy anexternal or "hot" (connected via a USB cord) camera.


While you're shopping around, it's important to think aboutmore than just the quality of the images. It's also important to consider thecost of the different components, the installation requirements, and anylicensing fees.

There are benefits to both types of equipment. When shoppingaround, make sure you compare the different costs associated with each type ofsetup. While some Wi-Fi security camera systems require minimal physicalsetups, there are others that require more complex setups. The IP Camera systemsthat cost the most are those that require wireless access points and camerasthat are hard-wired.

Storage & technical features

It's also importantto look at the benefits of each piece of equipment offers. Consider the amountof storage space you'll need for the footage and what kinds of technicalfeatures of the camera system has.


You'll probably also want to consider whether or not youneed a warranty, what the return policies are, and what the company's customerservice policies are before making your final decision. After decidingeverything you can consider visiting to buy the best of Wi-Fi camera for yourself.