Whether you want to redesign your laundry room for your current home or design a laundry room for a new home, you can find inspiration anywhere.


Whether you are working with laundry room designers or not, here are some inspiring design ideas for your laundry room:


  • Add an interesting light fixture. One of the best ways to develop a modern look is to add a new or interesting light fixture. This is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the style and design of your laundry room.
  • Embrace the French country style laundry room. Try a French country style laundry room look for a classic U-shaped laundry room. We recommend installing plenty of cabinets with easy to clean countertops, plenty of light, and a convenient hanging rod for clothing. Try rich blue paint for a French country style look.
  • Make the most of a galley layout laundry room. All of the space in the narrow galley style laundry room is used by adding wall-mounted drying racks and closed storage. The black countertops pick up the octagonal black and white tile flooring.
  • Add color with laundry appliances. The focus of the laundry room should be on the color of the washer and dryer. You can pair a bright red washer and dryer with classic black cabinets for a custom laundry room look.
  • Transform traditional black cabinets with decorator touches. You can make just a few cosmetic changes to transform standard black cabinets into a completely different style and look in your laundry room. You can add graphic wallpaper and harlequin black and white flooring to turn the tiny laundry room into a designer showplace.
  • Set the laundry room style with colorful cabinets. You can add bright blue cabinets to the laundry room, and just one simple coat of paint can transform the whole look of the space. Adding contemporary stainless cabinet hardware and white farmhouse sink will balance out the colorful cabinets well.
  • Add accessories to suit your style in the laundry room. Traditional wood cabinets are the perfect backdrop for accessories to truly set your laundry room style. The laundry room can also include greenery, colorful artwork, a stylish rug, and extra task lighting to set the mood.
  • Find a spot for a laundry sink. The laundry room sink is an essential for treating stains, hand washing delicate items, and presoaking clothing that is very soiled. We recommend installing a corner sink to prevent breaking up the much needed counter space. You can also use square stainless hardware to add a punch to simple Shaker cabinets.
  • Create an industrial look with glass and wire. Adding wire storage bins and glass front cabinets gives the laundry area a more industrial look. You can also add accessories like storage baskets and hanging hooks, since these are both attractive and functional.
  • Create a laundry room with a retro feel. There is definitely no need to give up your modern washer and dryer in order to have a retro feel. The black and white checkerboard tile trim, accessories, and bright yellow wall color can give the laundry room a 1950s style.