Although glass bottles make up a small fraction of cosmetics packaging, they still have irreplaceable packaging advantages and are still materials for high-quality cosmetics in the short term. Perfect purity, nobility and elegance are the charm of glass bottles. Compared with plastic bottles, its large weight can effectively enhance the brand name and enhance consumer confidence; and the unique visuals of frosted glass bottles far exceed those of plastic bottles. In the production of plastic bottles, the surface matting and frost effect cannot be achieved by surface treatment of the mold, and only oil spray treatment after processing can be carried out, which is much worse, and the cost is quite high. Compared to flat glass bottles, frosted glass bottles are elegant and gorgeous, with good foggy feeling, good decorative shading effect, and many decorative functions. For Custom packaging  this is important.

Tightness of the Packaging

Cosmetics, especially whitening and food cosmetics contain many nutrients like food, but they oxidize easily. This places very high demands on the tightness of the packaging. The glass bottle has strong barrier properties and is undoubtedly better than plastic bottles at protecting the contents.

It is true that glass bottle processing technology has been developing slowly, but in recent years it has been refined and improved. Through the use of computer-aided design systems for the design of glass bottle molds, computerized automatic control of glass melting furnaces, enhancement and production facilitation technologies, the quality of glass bottles is improved, weight is reduced, and transparency and surface quality are improved. As for post-processing, the glass surface can be frosted, painted, printed (up to 7-8 colors), engraved (silkscreen, hot stamping), etc., which greatly increases the added value of the glass bottle.

Are Paying Attention to Packaging?

Taking into account the unique advantages of glass products, many cosmetic glass packaging manufacturers are optimistic about the prospects for glass packaging and continue to develop new products and improve quality to meet the higher demands of various cosmetic glass packaging manufacturers. You spend hours thinking about your products and how to increase your sales. But do you pay as much attention to packaging? Choosing the Custom Box is important here.

It would seem that for online commerce, product packaging is the last thing to think about. After all, your product isn’t sitting on store shelves where it needs to compete for customer attention. It is tempting not to waste time on packing, but to put the order in a simple cardboard box when sending the goods.

This Approach Is Fundamentally Flawed.

Yes, customer interaction with a brand begins in your store, but emotions are fully manifested when the product is in the hands of the customer. And packaging is an integral part of those sensations that influence our behavior much deeper than rational factors. If you neglect the packaging, your store will be slightly less efficient. There are also rational reasons why you should consider packaging.

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