1. Installation process measures:
(1) The installation and debugging of the belt conveyor should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the parameters and drawings. Before installation, check, including anchor bolts, etc. Also check whether the position of each component is correct.

(2) When installing the conveyor machine, the base should be leveled and aligned. Then proceed in accordance with the prescribed order. Note that the foundation and foundation bolts should be tightened. There must be no loosening, or there will be problems.

(3) The installation of reducer and motor should be adjusted appropriately based on the driving wheel. In order to follow the size requirements of each part. The bracket should coincide with the longitudinal middle of the belt conveyor.

2. Precautions for installing belt conveyor:
(1) Before laying the belt, clean up the site. The passage must be unobstructed.
(2) The rollers of the intermediate frame should be uniform and the operation should be flexible.
(3) The tools used to lay the belt need to be complete.
(4) Non-construction personnel are not allowed to carry out the construction site at will.
(5) The operation process of the belt conveyor should be carried out in accordance with the specified requirements and follow the instructions.