It is not enough to know how an Electric Scooter UK works, you also have to know how to maintain it properly.

Among other things, you must learn to change the battery of the electric scooter so that it lasts as long as possible; and something also fundamental is to load it correctly. Think that the battery is what moves your scooter, so you must take care of it.

Also, you have to know that not all batteries are suitable for all-electric scooters. It is clear that the battery of a CityCoco scooter is not the same as the battery of a Xiaomi scooter, or perhaps you have some doubts when it comes to differentiating the M365 battery from the battery of the Cecotec scooter, for example.

For all this, we have decided to write this article in which we talk about batteries and chargers for electric scooters and their importance for the life of your vehicle.

It is important that you know how to handle the battery of your electric scooter.
What charger to use for an electric skateboard?
Chargers may vary depending on the make and model of electric scooters.

We recommend that you always use the one that is delivered with your own scooter; And if you have lost it or it has been damaged, buy one that is approved and in a reliable place to avoid problems.

There are two types of chargers:

Two-wire charger: includes a red wire to be plugged into the positive terminal marked with a + sign and a black wire to be plugged into the negative terminal marked with a - sign. This type of charger is typical of the oldest models of electric scooters.
Charger with normal plug and battery cable: this is the charger that most batteries for electric scooters have, and it works the same as a mobile charger.
External battery for electric scooter
The external battery or Power Bank serves so that you can charge your electric scooter, or the device you want, with any USB cable. 

You can take advantage of the charge offered by the external battery, or you can plug it into any power source, from a socket to a computer, for example.

In this way, you charge the external battery of your scooter

or hoverboard go kart and then you can take it with you, and rest assured that you can connect your scooter to it when the battery needs to be charged.

If you want to buy a Power Bank or external electric scooter battery, make sure it is lithium and with a minimum of 36 volts, in addition to a nominal capacity of 10AH so that the charging process is optimal. The Power Bank is also valid to charge the hoverboard battery.

In short, you need a 36v electric scooter battery in case you want to get a Power Bank; in this way, you ensure that you will always be able to carry your small personal mobility vehicle anytime, anywhere.

The external battery of an electric scooter is the same as that of a smartphone. You can use it anywhere.
How to change the battery of an electric scooter?
It is important that you know your electric scooter well, and know-how to charge its battery in case you have to. 

We are going to explain the steps you must follow to charge the battery; This can be done with almost any model of electric scooter on the market. And by the way, it helps you to know how you can replace it when you need to put a new one.

Find a time when you are not rushed, and do it well so as not to break any pieces.

Open the compartment where the electric scooter's battery is . This place is usually very obvious but if you have doubts, consult the instructions of your small vehicle.

Remove the battery carefully and without forcing anything.

Plug the battery into the scooter charger provided by the manufacturer.

Wait for the upload to finish. It is advisable to let it charge 100% .

Unplug the charger and put the battery back in the appropriate compartment.

You can find models that have a built-in battery, that is, it cannot be removed; The charging process is much easier since you only have to plug the charger into the scooter, just like you do with your mobile phone.

In spite of everything, it is recommended for the life of the battery that it can be removed to charge it. And it is that being out of the scooter there is no risk that it could overheat.

The battery of your unicycle
The unicycle is a type of electric scooter that, instead of a platform where you go up while you ride it, has a single wheel and two pedals on the sides that act as support. 

Its battery is different from that of an electric scooter with two wheels. A unicycle also has a lithium battery; It is the most recommended, without a doubt. Although you can also find them from other materials. 

The type of battery usually depends a lot on the manufacturer; We always recommend you buy from reliable sellers to avoid trouble.

The power of unicycle batteries ranges between 60 and 200 Wh and, therefore, the charging time depends on it. This can be 1.5 to 3 hours.

charging-electric scooter
The higher the battery power, the longer the recharging time.
Tips to extend the battery of an electric scooter
The best way for an electric scooter battery to last as long as possible is to take care of it and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

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