Silikomart presents you the best quality moulds and mats which includes Silicone Mould Making Supplies NZ, crispy mat, slicopat mat, air mat, chocolate moulds and others in NZ. The supreme quality products are made in Italy. If you are a desert enthusiast, you are gonna love the entire range of products.


More than 100 varieties of moulds are there on the website. They are mainly categorised into seven different purposes. Moulds of chocolate, ice cream mould, classic moulds, 3D moulds, moulds for breads, cookie cutters and tartes moulds are the eminent categories.


From simple to extraordinary you can find every type of moulds over here. Good quality of silicone used to make the products ensure hygiene, durability and avoids sticking of the food. With these moulds you have made a wide range of chocolates, cookies, muffins, pastries, tarts, ice creams and other classic desserts. You can now add a new dimension to your desserts with the help of the silikomart silicone moulds.


And then comes the type of mats:


Silikomart silicopat mat is one of the best mats that you can buy. You can use this as a base and then you can use the rolling pin to flatten the items. You can also use this to keep  cookies and other food items that can stick to other surfaces.


If you are looking for a ribbed mat that can hold the oil and keep your foods dry and crispy then you should definitely buy one crispy mat. You can use it in your oven also.


Another type of mat that can be really helpful is an air mat by silikomart. This mat is extensively used to keep the cooked items for drying or draining. This helps you to remove excess oil or syrup.


So, if you are looking for silicone moulds or mats do not forget to visit Nicolaas to buy your Silikomart Ice Cream Moulds. Keep shopping!