There are many options of the clear plastic sheet; however, not many people know how to differentiate it from the polycarbonate sheet and Perspex sheet.  Both sheets are made differently and thus they will have different price and characteristics Acrylic is made of natural glass. Polycarbonate plastic  also known as Lexan is use in a wide variety of applications. Lexan is expensive and has a good resistance to fire. Thus, it is commonly used in making bullet proof items. The two materials look the same but there are differences between them. Knowing the difference will enable you to choose the right material for your project. Here are some of the common differences between the two materials.


One of the differences between the two materials is with regards to their strength. Perspex plastic can resist 17 times compared to glass while polycarbonate can resist up to 250 times. Polycarbonate is also more flexible than Perspex. Acrylic is rigid and can easily crack when it is exposed to extreme impact.

Polycarbonate Plastic


Secondly, the material differs in terms of cutting. Both materials can be cut using tools like saws and routers. Perspex is easier to cut compared to polycarbonate. When polycarbonate is cut using laser, it turns to yellow and thus s not the suitable method to cut it. Perspex when cut using laser results in high gloss edge. Therefore, if you are looking for a material that you can cut with laser without any stress of it cracking, then you should go for the Perspex.


The other difference is in drilling. When drilling Perspex theedge you risk it cracking, thus it is not recommended. Polycarbonate will not crack even when you drill it near the edge.


They also differ in terms of machining. Polycarbonate is flexible when used with machining and it will not break easily compared to acrylic. MachiningPerspex is used by many people who produce complex designs.


If you want to polish your Perspex edges, then you are in luck because you will get a glossy finish. Polycarbonate does not make polishing easy and you will not get a clear edge when you polish it. In case you want to use a material that will give you a glossy look, then you should buy the Perspex.


Perspex can withstand weather and handling more than polycarbonate. It is used in areas like ice hockey spectator protection, motorcycle wind deflectors, and automotive rear lights. Polycarbonate rod is used in making anti-riot shield visors, sunglasses, and vehicle headlamps.

There are just some of the differences between the two. If you were not sure about the material to use, now you are in a better position. Choose the best material and you are guaranteed of getting the best results in any product you are planning to make. Polycarbonate and Perspex sheets are both good materials use different ways. When you use the appropriate one, you will get the result that you want. The above differences will make your work easier.