Norton Antivirus is very well-known antivirus software for Windows. Millions of people around the globe trust the security offered by this product. This program protects the computer from spyware, viruses, and other infections. It is extremely effective, but it can still cause errors and malfunctions in computers due to the complicated process of uninstalling. Norton Antivirus can be difficult to remove. Many users are surprised when they find the virus still there. To uninstall Norton Antivirus successfully, you will need to remove all files on the hard drive.

Uninstall Norton Antivirus

Norton's components must be removed from the computer before you can uninstall it. These components refer to the files and settings found in the program folders or registry on the PC. These components can be removed by running the Add/Remove Programs application. It will delete all files that are leftover from the program and clean out the registry.

You will need to delete the Norton program, but this will not remove any other files. You can delete the unwanted files by finding them. Navigate to MY COMPUTER, and then select the C/Program Files folder. You can identify the Norton files that are still there, then select them and delete them. By pressing simultaneously SHIFT AND DELETE, you can permanently delete these files without needing to use the Recycle Bin. Restart the computer and the changes will be effective. But, you'll still have to deal with the Norton files that are stored in the registry.

Automated Removal

The Final Uninstaller is an automated program that can be used to remove any unwanted software or applications. error 3048 3 appears on my norton It's faster and more efficient than manual removal. It will uninstall the undesirable software or program and remove any trace files. For users who do not feel confident performing manual methods, this is an easier and faster alternative. Download the program, install it correctly, and then run it.

After it has launched click the SCAN option. Next, choose NORTON in the installed program list. Then tick the box to confirm. Click CLEAN to close the process. No matter whether you use the manual or automatic method, the registry must be cleaned. The registry can be easily overlooked and corrupt files may get left untreated. This will cause system malfunctions and errors. Frontline Registry Cleaner is your best option. You can download, install and launch this application. It will quickly scan, repair and maintain the registry database to ensure a stable computer system.

Norton Antivirus error 30483 is an error that causes the active program to crash. This occurs most often during the installation of a program or Windows start-up, as well as when Symantec-related programs are running. This error comes from Symantec Live Update servers and it has difficulty establishing a connection.