Lithium Battery Management System

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Battery Management Systems

Roboteq’s BMS10x0 is a battery management and protection system for building cost-effective, customizable, ultra-efficient and high current power sources using all Lithium Ion chemistry batteries. Roboteq’s BMS10x0 is a Centralized System for 6 to 15 cell Battery Packs and incorporates versatile, configurable system and cell parameters.

Ideal for Low Voltage - High Current Applications
With all of the features of the BMS10x0 combined into one product, its applications are almost limitless. Whether it’s mobile robots, electric vehicles, or personal mobility devices, the BMS10x0 is the ideal battery management system for any 12V to 60V device or system employing an ion lithium battery pack of 10 to 1000Ah capacity.

No External Contactor or Current Sensor Needed
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The BMS10x0 eliminates the need for separate external amps sensors and power contactors. Built-in Current Sensor and Switches prevent the short-circuits and overloads that are a risk in any electrical system. Roboteq’s BMS10x0 offers a unique safety feature that most other products do not. A built-in 100A switch with undervoltage and overvoltage shut-off prevents spikes or dips in the power usage from damaging the monitored battery pack. An integrated circuit breaker prevents system damage due to short circuits and continuous overloads.

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