August will see love bloom for Gemini youngsters. Singles are likely to meet their soulmate now. Those who are married may be too busy to attend to their spouse, and this may annoy their partner and cause a rift in the marriage. Income may dip, and profits may be less, too. Make sure you have sufficient money in the bank, as there may be some medical expenses. Turnover in business or trade will increase. Salaried people will have to work harder to be recognized. Students should persevere if they want to achieve success.

Love Relationship

Relationships within the family may witness some turbulence. Misunderstandings may arise with maternal relatives. Such tensions may keep you away from your spouse, and this could create some bitterness in your marriage.


Money flow will not be much. Natives in fields like acting, writing, fine arts, etc., may make more money. Those in foreign trade may have good gains. Hard work may be needed to meet targets. This applies to those in other fields, too.


There may not be appreciable career growth this month. Hard work, too, may not yield many dividends. Expect some ups and downs and average results. But you may learn some new things now.


Gains may come from business trips. Natives doing export-import business may go abroad. Good opportunities may come if you travel to the north. Some may mix business with pleasure and take their family along on a business trip.


Lapses in concentration may cause some problems, so Gemini professionals need to be very careful. Try to focus on your work and execute your responsibilities properly if you want to be appreciated.


Health may be poor this month. Tiredness and lethargy may make you less efficient. Work-related tension can trigger problems. See a doctor even if it’s a minor problem.


Results will be average for school students. Heed the advice of parents and teachers. Those appearing for competitive exams may have to work hard to achieve success.

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