Back in 2016, Ohio passed House Bill 523, legalizing the use of medical cannabis. However, the program's establishment took around two years, and the sales began in January 2019. And now, the residents of Ohio state suffering from any of the qualifying medical conditions approved to relieve the symptoms can benefit. For example, marijuana cancer treatment can be beneficial to those living with cancer. It alleviates most side effects caused by cancer treatment. And an Ohio medical marijuana card cost is affordable to all.


Getting an online MMJ card has become pretty straightforward and stress-free. You don't have to leave the comfort of your home. Instead, take advantage of the unrestricted access to the MMJ program from the great state of Ohio. If your condition falls under the medical marijuana category, you qualify for the Ohio MMJ card. Read on as we take you through the process of getting your online card.


Process of Obtaining an Online MMJ Card

You can access an online licensed doctor to certify you for the card using the telehealth option, regardless of where you live. You schedule an appointment with an MMJ doctor, and you get evaluated through a video call.


  • If your health condition qualifies, your doctor will enter you into the patient registry, where you receive a link directing you to log into your account. Be sure to complete it and verify all the info. Settle your Ohio medical marijuana card cost. That's the annual registration fee of $50 for patients. And if it's for the caregiver, you pay $25.



  • Start by finding a licensed doctor, and then schedule an appointment. Your doctor will require proof of residency, be ready with your valid driving license or your state ID card. All the certified doctors can gain access to the Patient Registry, allowing them to submit your recommendation.



  • Once done, you'll now receive your medical cannabis card online. Download it and get ready to visit any dispensary licensed by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy near you. And make your purchase of medical marijuana cancer treatment to manage some side effects caused by cancer treatments.


Your doctor will help you understand the MMJ product dosage, duration, and different ways to administer the medicine.


In Conclusion

Be sure to book an online appointment with an MMJ doctor in Ohio, have your medical records relevant to your condition. And be ready to settle your Ohio medical marijuana card cost after your online certification gets approved.