1. Use the ball lock accessory to attach the iron piece specially for removing the grip and insert it into the small hole under the grip. Follow the previous step to easily unscrew the grip. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry up the spacer behind the handle.

2. Use a Phillips screwdriver or an electric screwdriver to loosen the fixing screws in the ball lock. Remove the old ball lock from the other side of the ball lock. Use an electric screwdriver or a cross screwdriver to remove the lock bolt.

3. Use the same method as step one to remove the new handle of the ball lock assembly. Remove the fixed lock plate and gasket of the ball. Install the lock bolt first, then install the ball lock, and test whether the tenons between each other are accurately engaged. Use an electric screwdriver or screwdriver to install the fixed lock plate. , Put on the spherical lock grip gasket. Set the spherical lock handle and press it in.

Ball locks are now widely used in homes. The spherical lock looks good and is easy to use, so it is more common in the home. Ball locks are prone to failures after a long time of use. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand how to install the ball locks and how to remove the ball locks, so that we can replace the ball locks even if the ball locks are broken, which can save a lot of trouble. And it can save a lot of money.
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