Polished concreting floors, addressing finished basements and commercial floors are actually well suitable in-roads into residential homes. With developments in science and technology, much advancement have occurred in concreting, such as stain concrete and seal concrete that increases the aesthetic appeal of a given space. All these developments have given concrete the ability to compete with other flooring options, such as marble, granite and slate at amazingly cheap rate!!

Polished concrete Brisbane comes with several benefits to renovators and home builders. Here we list out a slew of benefits for your sake of information.

They are sustainable

Polished concreting is chosen by people who are interested in building environmentally sustainable floors. Compounds employed in sanding and sealing method are low in volatile organic elements, which cause harm to the environment and diminish indoor air quality, which can bring up health issues.  With the help of polished concrete design in Brisbane you will be able to get the strong and wonderful design of the floors.

Offers great value

Besides being incredibly sustainable, polished concreting has been the least expensive option, for this you need to contact the polished concrete contractors brisbane. This is because it does come pre-installed in most homes as the homes are made on concrete slabs. Additions of timber, carpet, vinyl or tile are made over it. Hence, concrete come second to bare earth with regards to initial outlay. Besides this, Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane delivers reflective surface, which helps decrease the cost of interior lighting. It also stays cool in summer that reduces cooling costs too.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other traditional flooring that has rigorous cleaning requirements; polished concreting floors are very resistant to stains and scuffs. It only needs simple mopping when needed. Hence, you can save hours of labor and cleaning cost.

Highly durable

Polished concreting is considered as the most durable flooring option in the world. Reports reveal that a properly polished concreting floor can last for more than 100 years! This is why this flooring option has long been utilized in commercial spaces.

Offers health aspects

Polished concreting leaves no place for dust mites to accumulate and expose bacteria that are usually trapped between tiles and floorboards. This flooring option is seamless and known for developing an allergy-free environment.


Polished concreting is versatile when it comes to treatments and stains. Silicon-based penetrating sealers are used to give a wet look to the polished concreting floor. If you are looking to use salvaged wood planks, you can consider stamping concrete to mimic them. This will certainly make your house and your pathway to appear designer as well as elegant.

Besides these, polished concreting can be stained to give a marble-like appearance or to nearly any color that you imagine. You need to ground concrete before particular treatment to the desired level of exposure. Concrete is generally pre-installed in every home. If sealed and polished properly, it can last for a long time while being most versatile.

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