Mentoring is a great approach to help employees advance their careers, from new hires to top executives. It's also an excellent method to assist employee mental health during these trying times by giving workers someone to talk to more personally if necessary. Any company that wants to start a mentorship program will undoubtedly reap the benefits. However, you'll need to think hard about how you build the software to pull it off successfully. 

Never Restrict the Format.

When most people think about mentoring, they picture it as a one-on-one relationship. While this is the most common way and its advantages, there are some situations where group or peer mentoring may be more beneficial.

When creating your program, make sure to research the various types and applications of mentoring, and don't be hesitant to employ a variety of ways to achieve your goal. People learn in multiple ways, so it's best to let your staff teach and learn in the most beneficial methods depending on the subject. This might also entail using a video call instead of a face-to-face meeting or holding sessions in a group setting.

Make mentoring Topical

It's challenging to be an expert on everything in the industry. Even someone who has been around for a long time may not be aware of every piece of information that has to be communicated.

That is why mentorship needs to be prevailing Mentors in India. They concentrate on the areas with the most expertise and experience and delegate the rest to someone else. This eliminates the need for anyone to play the role of an all-knowing expert.

Mentees can be matched with Mentor Buddy, who has the expertise they seek if established ahead of time.

Mentor- "Mentors"

Not everyone who wants to be a mentor understands what it takes to make the process work. They may have a solid notion of what they need to do, but they are unlikely to recall everything. It's good to have regular refresher courses while structuring the mentorship program to guarantee that this lack of expertise doesn't affect the program. This does not imply that you must keep an eye on everyone and chat with them once a week. You can probably limit yourself to a few short meetings every year from the Mentors blog.

Acknowledge- Mentors

For some mentors, the only thing that matters is helping others adjust and progress. They don't need anything else as long as they've done a decent job. Furthermore, if someone goes out of their way to mentor another employee, their efforts should be recognized. However, this is not the case for everyone. As a result, it's essential to thank mentors whenever possible and incorporate this into the structure of your mentoring program.