Commercial solar may seem straightforward- commercial solar panels are opposite to residential solar for homes. Commercial solar is surrounded by a variety of different types of customers and projects. 

As the effects of climate change slowly begin its change in various countries around the world, millions of people have made their beliefs known that it's time for the world to use green energy. Here're some pros and cons of commercial solar panels-


  • Saves money- Most people who're thinking of making the switch to solar energy or planning to install a solar installer may have read that it can be quite expensive. In the beginning, set-up is higher than average, users can expect their investments to return by suffering low electricity costs and maintenance fees. Additionally, investing in solar panels can increase the value of one's home so if you're not staying in your house, you can reap the benefits of its features later.


  • Renewable- Solar energy gets its sources from the sun which has been the main in the universe since the beginning of time. Just like fossil fuels which will eventually decrease, scientists claim that the sun continues to shine.


  • Environmentally-friendly- Investing in solar panels so alluring is the fact that using solar energy doesn't cause any pollution. While there are emissions related to the production and installation of panels, the use of energy itself doesn't release harmful gases. This reduces the harmful greenhouse effects that have since plagued the ozone layer for decades.


  • Less noise- Solar energy panels aren't constructed with individual parts; they're annoying and distracting sometimes. This makes it not only a dirt-free energy source but also free from noise pollution. 


  • Overcome installation issues- Many homes requiring electricity may undergo several changes which can be both risky and costly. Solar panels require large spaces, certain houses in neighborhoods and communities may not be able to get their solar panels. There are many advantages to using solar panels gardens, where a large number of panels are installed on an unoccupied area so its energy can be distributed equally.


  • Requires large spaces- The most efficient solar panels require space to generate electricity. Unfortunately, the density of certain houses and buildings in certain cities may make this project harder to achieve.


  • Sporadic energy source- Since we don’t see the sun during night times and it has different intensity levels of providing heat, users may expect that they have to store some of the solar energy for later use. While development is a storage problem, certain areas of the world that have a significant amount of sunny days may find it hard to procure solar energy properly. There are many places where they don’t have sunlight often, so you might still need to install a backup power source even if you have solar panels. 

In BottomLine- Years of energy sourcing may have resulted in climate change which brings about the unreliability of the earth’s temperature. It's the right time that one should make the greener choice by switching to environmental-friendly options.