The virtual classrooms are available in two types- live-streaming classes and on-demand recorded videos. While the latter can be accessible at any time from anywhere, the online Live Class Platform value where the students have a semblance of being present in the lecture room.

Can Replicate Traditional Classrooms

Many advantages of online classes are found mainly due to their ability to virtually replicate the classrooms with the availability of a whiteboard. Live interactions, chats, polls, etc can also be conducted during these classes.

Eco-friendly Learning

Virtual classes allow the teacher to share the learning material in an e-format and go paperless. As online books are also available, there is no necessity for books as well which in turn reduces the environmental impact.

Education for All

eLearning platforms are accessible for all, even those living in remote areas, as long as they have internet connections. Online tutoring eliminates several physical barriers and borders to bring education close to those who are unable to reach the schools.

Record and Playback

Virtual interactive classes are the most effective mode in eLearning. But for those who could not attend can have the option to access the same which is later available in video format. Most of the top live streaming class platforms do have this feature to record the lectures.


One of the most advantageous features of online classes is that it is more economical than attending physical classrooms. There is no time or money spent on traveling from home to the education center or vice versa. The use of digital books and documents also reduce the overall cost of education through virtual platforms.


Most importantly, the classes can both be conducted and attended at the comfort of your home or anywhere as preferable or available.