After the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a lot of destruction to India, the 2021 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was postponed indefinitely by the BCCI. Now that the wave has died down and the country is returning to normalcy, the IPL is ready to resume. The BCCI has announced that the remaining 31 matches, and the finals will be held in the UAE. The remaining matches will be played in September, so you need to take a look at the revised odds of the event. This will help you to make good decisions during the IPL match betting.

Some Background Story For The Fans

The IPL was going on in full swing at “containment bubbles” in India. However, the country was reeling because of the second wave of the pandemic - and a lot of the players decided to opt out of the tournament. Some of the players got infected themselves, and the BCCI had no choice but to postpone the proceedings of the tournament indefinitely until normalcy was resumed. Later, the BCCI announced that the remaining matches of the leg will be played in the UAE. This has changed the scope of the tournament as well as the odds.

Why Have the IPL Odds Changed?

To understand this, you need to take a look at the IPL season of 2020, which was played entirely in the UAE. The conditions in the Emirates are very different to the conditions of India, and not every team can capitalize on them. Most notably, the powerhouse Chennai Super Kings team managed to grab only the 7th position of the points table during the last tournament. Now that the venue and conditions have changed, it’s a good idea to revise the odds. The first leg of the IPL also has to be accounted for.

What Were the Odds Before the Tournament?

Before the tournament started in April, the odds were quite different. You should take a look at the previous odds so that you can understand how the present odds have changed in totality. Here’s an executive summary of the previous odds for you.

Mumbai Indians - The Overwhelming Favourites

Under the leadership of Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai Indians team were the firm favourites to win. They have been playing very well, and the entire squad has managed to pull off some of the toughest victories. This gave them odds of +5 before the tournament.

Apart from Mumbai Indians, teams like Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore were also fan favourites. Each team was given odds of +5.50 and +6 respectively by all of the major sportsbooks operating in the country. Finally, Chennai Super Kings was given an odds of +7, taking into account the substandard performance it displayed during the IPL 2020 edition.

What Does the Points Table Look Like Now?

Right now, you need to take a look at the points table that was there after the first half of IPL 2021. Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings currently occupy the top two spots of the table, followed closely by Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. This means that the CSK team is all set to make a comeback during this season. People haven’t discounted the favourites to win the tournament outright, which happen to be MI. The RCB team is also a strict fan favourite and their performance is always impressive.

Chennai Super Kings: 3.50

This year’s CSK side is extremely well balanced, which is why most Sportsbooks are giving them odds of +3.50 to win the tournament outright. They’re in the no. 2 spot, but there’s no doubt that the Dhoni-led side can win the IPL 2021 too.

Delhi Capitals: +3.75

Close behind CSK is the Delhi Capitals team, who is currently leading the IPL points table. They have been having a fantastic season, and they managed to win all but 2 of their 8 matches. They might just end up winning this edition of the IPL.

Mumbai Indians: +3.75

With the same odds as DC is the Mumbai Indians team, which managed to win the 2020 edition of the IPL. By far, they are the most well-balanced side of the tournament. Rohit Sharma has been an exemplary and outstanding captain to his side as well.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: +5.00

RCB is a fan favourite, and they can be counted on to garner a massive victory. However, they are inconsistent performers, and manage to lose out even when they are in good form. This is why their odds have been posted at a humble +5.

These have been all the major game odds for the second leg of the Indian Premier League 2021. Make sure to tune in and place some bets, so that you can win cash and have a lot of fun. Stay tuned!