WoW TBC Classic: Release times, roadmap

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World of Warcraft came out in November 2004, and has since become one of the world's most beloved video games.

But the title has changed significantly in 16 years, so creator Blizzard re-released an early version of the game back in 2019.

It's called WoW Classic, and faithfully recreates what it was like to play the game in around 2006.

Now WoW Classic is reaching the end of its storyline, so fans are now awaiting the re-release of The Burning Crusade expansion.

The Burning Crusade came out in 2007 and added loads of new content to World of Warcraft, including new playable races, zones, dungeons and raids.

A recreated version of TBC is now about to be re-released, letting gamers relive the epic expansion in the modern day.Ion said that Classic TBC simply doesn’t need the same level of tutorials as modern “retail” WoW.

“A part of the importance for greater tutorialisation has been in the increase of the pace and accessibility of the game over time,” he told The Sun.

“In 2004, it took months, hundreds of hours. In the modern game, we’re delivering content at a faster pace, and that requires more tutorialisation.”

Ion referenced the fact that in the Classic version of the game, you would get a new ability and have two hours or more to learn how it works – before eventually unlocking something else.

And he also said that there’s a mini tutorial system for players who boost their character to level 58, to remind them how core parts of the game work.“I’d be lying if I said the idea didn’t cross our minds in some form when we set out to start the project.

“But no, it wasn’t a firm plan until after we launched Classic.“Just recreating the Classic experience was a massive undertaking.“Some folks thought it would be a flash in the pan, go check it out, recoil in horror and never return.“But what we saw rapidly was that it developed a passionate intense community of its own.”He added: “It has served to expand the larger World of Warcraft community.

“So we realised a few months in that we have a tonne of people here who are passionate about the game, enjoying the journey, looking forward to the next step – but that journey’s going to come to an end after Naxxramas.Better performance overall, our servers have much larger capacities so we can fit more people into Azeroth or Outland.

“The game is more responsive. There used to be I think a 400ms delay on processing events; that’s now down to 10ms. So when you’re going to interrupt a cast, you’ll have a more responsive experience.“Originally Horde Paladins had Seal of Blood as their capstone ability, and Alliance Paladins got Seal of Vengeance.

“These were different abilities with different mechanical impacts.“What the community discovered back then at the end of TBC was that Seal of Blood was just better.

“So Horde was just better objectively. So if we let that stand, we would’ve seen a lot of competitive players feel like they had to go Horde even if Alliance was their faction of choice.“So what we did was given Alliance and Horde Paladins access to both Seals.”

Ion explained that this would recreate the original design intent, viewed through the lens of a modern player base that knows better.He said if WoW was still in Classic, the change wouldn’t have been made – but the philosophy has changed
“There’s every reason to think the original development team would’ve made these exact same changes, had they seen the entire player population saying we all need to go Horde now because of this ability.”