1. Change the lock core
The anti-theft door lock has a lock cylinder inside. If the anti-theft door lock is broken and you don’t want to replace the entire door, you can use some tools to disassemble the lock and find the lock cylinder inside, which is the one next to the bolt, which is the lock. The core, unscrew it, inflate it, and replace it with a lock core of similar specifications. Its price is also very expensive. This is the normal situation, the anti-theft door lock is broken, the first advantage is that the method of changing the lock core is not very simple.
2. Change the lock body
In the area where the lock body locks the door, the entire lock body contains the lock core, the lock head, and the transformation of the lock. If your anti-theft door is locked and you don’t want to change a door, then a lock body is relatively easy. Yes, there are also some manufacturers that specialize in the production of lock bodies, or some specialty stores that specialize in lock brands, and there are lock bodies for sale. The price of the lock body ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. If you want to change to a better door lock, choose a price of around seventy or eighty yuan. If you choose a lock body that is worth hundreds of yuan, the small The editor suggests that you might as well refuse to buy a virtual security door.
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