FXCC Did Not Withdraw 38000 USD for 11 Months!

FXCC did not process my withdrawal request for more than 11 months (withdraw initiated in Sep. 2020). The amount is 38718 USD. A screenshot of my withdrawal is attached.To get more news about Saxo, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  I have tried to contact them many times but they do not reply to my E-mails or messages in the past 6 months. A screenshot of the opened ticket is attached.
  I strongly believe they do some fraud or scam business.
  I tried to explain to them that I will take legal action and complaint against them but they answer me my account is with the Vanuatu Island branch.
  This was a total surprise for me as I understand that they transfer my agreement and my account in HIDDEN WAY (without my permission) to Vanuatu Island (as I am not a resident of the EU).
  Worthy to mention that they do not have an active licence in Vanuatu to give forex services. E-mail from VFSC is attached.
  However, they lie in their agreement that they have the licence number 014576 (clause of 2.2 in agreement) I have attached the agreement and the screenshot of that false information to decide customer.
  Also in the footer of their website FXCC.com they mention this false information to mislead customers that they have an active licence in Vanutue which is totally false. Screenshot of the website is attached.
As I understand, they try to escape from Cyprus laws and regulations and take their customers money.
  They have two websites and all non-EU customers are directed to the Vanuatu island website. (it depend on your IP)
  Now I am trying hard to open a court case in Vanuatu and Cyprus against FXCC for their criminal and fraud action for not returning my fund.
  How Do Investors Avoid Such Scam?

Do not believe in fast money. Make sure you read overall reviews of the company, that will help a lot! Remember to check the qualification of a broker on WikiFX App before making deposits, lest you suffer losses from scam brokers!
  By checking FXCC overall profile on WikiFX, we can see the WikiFX score of this broker is reduced to 5.39 because of too many complainants!