Many of those who tried to apply time management, faced great difficulties. The reason, most likely, is that the process of time management must penetrate into all spheres of a person's life, and not just into work. It's not enough just to plan a working day, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of this art in everything. Therefore, a term called "integral time management" appeared. Its main task is to plan your day completely, taking into account many details.

Is your sleep effective?

Many people are mistaken, believing that, working on wear all week, you can then sleep off on weekends and come to your senses. But the body works differently and the problem can not be solved with a prolonged sleep.

If you break sleep, there is a vicious circle when the first week becomes the cause of the ineffective second. To bring your schedule in order you need to continue to adhere to a certain schedule.


Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, if that's enough. And also allocate half an hour on that to have a rest in the afternoon. Not everyone has this opportunity, and even if they have, they do not use it.

How to understand that your sleep is effective? It's simple:

Pay attention to the state of health in the morning. If you are cheerful and fresh, this is a good sign.

Pay attention to your condition in the evening. If you are exhausted, then something is wrong.It is morning and evening is a litmus test. Remember that first of all the brain gets tired, but the body. Perhaps you need to meditate or just sit in silence for a while without thinking about anything or you can hire a writer at Essay vikings and forget about all problems.

Time management in work

At work there are often unforeseen cases that need to be done momentarily. With this, nothing can be done in most cases. But you can prepare.

It is necessary to prioritize and perform first all the most important and complex, having warned the head about it. When he sees that you are doing your job well, it will not load additional tasks, otherwise the work will be ineffective.

Select a couple of minutes for planning. Do not come to work, not understanding what exactly you will do.

Use the advice of the time management guru and at least divide the tasks into:

urgent and important

not urgent and not important

This alone will help make the work more efficient and stop deceiving oneself.

Also find out at what time of the day you are most productive and do your best in these hours.

Time management in everyday life

That's what most people do not pay attention to, interested in time management. They plan working hours and do not think about everyday life at all. In their list of cases there are no such elementary things as:

To go shopping.

Have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.

Bring yourself in order.

Spend time with loved ones.

Leave time for unforeseen circumstances.

Is it any wonder that at the end of the day they find out that they did not have much time? But these things must be done along with the workers. Yes, there should be three main points in your list of cases, but you can not forget about everyday life either

Also think about how much time you spend on the following things:


Computer (games, internet).

News (sports, politics, celebrity life).

Reading books, magazines, newspapers.



Talking on the phone and social networks.

Listening to music.

Any other entertainment (cinema, cafe).

This does not mean that all this activity should be excluded from your life. Moreover, some of the items are very useful. Just pay attention to what you waste your time with. An hour on the Internet could well be replaced by a jog or a walk. On what exactly? This you must decide yourself, based on your preferences and tasks.

The main rule of time management: always and everywhere pay attention to what you are spending time on. Ask yourself the question: "What am I doing now?". And then: "Is it important?".

Life is not fair. It's too short. Yes, and wasted a week lays a heavy load on the next. For any waste of time will have to pay: sleep, rest, quality of work, self-development. Find out what you want from life and begin to pay conscious attention to what is wasted valuable time.