Do you wish to know about effective hacks that can help you preserve your dance shoes better? If yes, dive in for a productive read.

Cleaning it fine!

Dance shoes go through rigorous friction, so it is crucial to tend to them often to prevent decay or tear. Read further to discover practical steps that you can take to keep your dance shoes safe and functional for long.

Basic things you may require

  • Brush — A soft, bristled brush for dry or minimum wet cleaning. A suede shoe brush is a must if you possess suede-soled shoes.
  • Cleaning Oil — Oil is used to keep dance shoes moisturized to avoid frequent cracks, wear and tear.
  • Spray bottle — Spraying water is best if you have to spot clean your shoes.
  • Polish cloth — A good quality polish cloth is integral to retain the durability of dance shoes. It is a convenient medium to keep your shoes squeaky clean.

Steps to follow — Inside

Cleaning the shoe from the inside requires a few ingredients to get rid of dirt, grime, and sweat smell. These options are as follows;

  • Baking soda can do wonders to make your shoes look clean and fresh. Avoid frequent applications to eliminate dryness and cracks.
  • Salt sprinkles can act as deodorant if you want to soak up smelly, damp shoes.

You can also use fabric softener sheets, charcoal bags, or baby powder for the same.

Steps to follow — Outside

Different dance shoes require different cleaning methods as per the shoe material. Below mentioned are a few types and relevant cleaning hacks.

  • Leather — Leather shoes must be polished once a week or as per need. To clean the off dirt and dust, use a mildly wet cloth. You may additionally moisturize it with wax polish for sustaining durability.
  • Suede — Use a soft brush and suede shampoo to clean dirt and stains from suede shoes. For suede-soled shoes, use a suede shoe brush to get rid of gathered dust.
  • Nubuck — These shoes can be cleaned in the same way as suede shoes are cleaned. Otherwise, you may use a soft brush and warm soapy water to clean.

Storing it right!

Here are a few maintenance hacks to keep your favorite dance shoes on forever!

  • Store dance shoes in a clean, dry and cool location. Keep the shoes dry as dampness can cause easy wear and tear.
  • Never store shoes in plastic packets/bags. Shoes packed in plastics cause decay due to lack of air contact.

Women’s and men’s dance shoes are equally affected by careless wearing and episodical cleaning sessions. Follow the above steps to enjoy maximum comfort and shoe performance.