Twitter users tweet over 500 million tweets per day, making it a highly engaging platform. People love Twitter for the witty nature of its content. Every trending topic on the internet evokes from Twitter.

Imagine the kind of engagement it would bring in if you incorporate it into your virtual event. Your virtual event attendees would love to see what all you have to offer from Twitter.

Yes! You heard us right. You can include Twitter content in your virtual event. That too, by simply creating a live and auto-rotative Twitter wall

Want to know what that is? Keep reading and find out.

What Is A Twitter Wall?

A Tweet Wall is the most effective social media marketing tool for making your virtual event a great success. The Twitter wall is live, and it updates automatically each time a user tweets using your unique hashtag or handle.

All you need to do is sign up with a platform that supports live Twitter wall services. 

You can aggregate content from Twitter using your unique hashtag or your Twitter handle. All the user-generated content, influencer content, or any other content type will be automatically collected for you.

The responsive Twitter wall can become the ultimate strategy and the best practice for your virtual event; want to know how?

Continue reading and find out.

Best Twitter Wall Practices For Virtual Events:

1. Create Hashtag Campaign & Competitions

Allow your virtual event attendees to participate actively throughout the virtual event to increase users' engagement by organizing a hashtag campaign or contest on Twitter and displaying it on the Twitter wall.

You can also announce goodies or prizes for the winners to attract more participants. The role of the Twitter wall here would be that each time your virtual event attendees would post on Twitter using the virtual event's unique hashtag, it will automatically get displayed on the Twitter wall, visible to every attendee. 

The responsive Twitter wall will encourage more hashtag contest participation, creating a social presence around your virtual event and brand. Moreover, collecting content for future marketing purposes.

2. Organize Twitter Polls

Twitter allows users to create polls and share them among other Twitter users. Since your virtual event's goal is to keep the attendees hooked to the screen, displaying polls on your Twitter wall can be the perfect attention-grabbing essence for your virtual event.

It introduces your virtual event to your social presence as they get prompted to answer the poll that's available on your Twitter account. Make sure the poll topic you choose is appealing enough to grab maximum attention. 

You can create a permanent display of the poll on your Twitter wall and show the numbers change each time a user responds to the Twitter poll. It will make the experience fun and keep the attendees on their toes as they keep waiting for the Twitter poll's result.

3. Display Rich & Moderated Content

When there are so many tweets, it is likely that Twitter is a crowded place, and if you want your virtual event's Twitter wall to be relevant for the attendees, the content you display should be authentic and relevant.

That's why you must choose a Twitter wall platform that has moderation features that enable you to filter out irrelevant and repeated content so that you only display rich content to your virtual event attendees.

This feature enables you to fulfill the sole purpose of the Twitter wall, that is, to engage the virtual event attendees.

4. Showcase Sponsors’ Twitter Content

Give a promising experience to your sponsors that would make them feel that investing in your virtual event was the perfect ROI for them. The Twitter wall can be the perfect tool for that. 

Collect content created by your virtual event sponsors and display it on the engaging Twitter wall. By doing so, you introduce your virtual event audience to your sponsors. 

It makes them feel appreciated and exposes their Twitter presence in front of the attendees. It will result in an increased Twitter following for them and might help grab some customers. Your sponsors will get impressed and will always be ready to sponsor your future virtual, hybrid, or any other events.

5. Measure Success With In-depth Analytics

What is the sense of acquiring a practice unless you know what benefits it will bring for your virtual event? In simple terms, your Twitter wall must provide you with in-depth analytics that would help you measure its success at your virtual events.

These analytics provide reports on the number of responses to your Twitter wall content, so you will get to know what kind of content works for your target audience.

Moreover, you will also get ideas and know the areas where you need improvements to execute your Twitter wall plan more effectively for future virtual events.

Over To You

We finally reach the end of this blog, where you got to know about the fun and highly engaging Twiter wall that can help you overcome almost all your virtual event limitations and help you keep your virtual event attendees hooked.

So! It's time to stop wondering are start working upon your Twitter game and create Twitter Walls worth dwelling upon.