When we first enter the island, we will find that in addition to NPCs, there will be some other animals, which exist as villagers on the island. Of course, over time, new animal villagers will be added to your island because of your efforts. According to statistics, more than 400 villagers can be divided into eight personalities.

Players can increase the level of friendship by exchanging gifts and letters, allowing characters to provide players with their photos. acitems.com will provide you with Buy Cheap ACNH Bells to help you quickly collect ACNH Items. This is the ultimate souvenir of the bond between humans and talking animals, which can be hung in the player's home as a precious souvenir. Although many animals are cute, players may find that some of them are the most interesting characters in Animal Crossing.

Players with multiple Jock characters on the island may soon realize that they give the same name to their abs, lazy villagers will share food with bugs, and so on. This means that the most distinctive villager of one player may have a different name and type of psychic in another player's game.

Animals may show their personalities in activities or conversations, especially when they share ideas about nearby furniture, or when they encounter animals inside a clothing store or Nook's Crany. The way they decorate the house can also provide some insights about their character, although sometimes they seem to be inconsistent with other aspects of their character.

Writing letters to villagers is one of the best ways to get to know them because they usually reply more than what they share in chats on the island. These are some of the most interesting characters in Animal Crossing, although players may recognize some character traits that are different from their custom islands.