Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes are used widely for many mega-events and other than that are the favorite snack for people of all age groups especially the kids. Cupcakes are transforming in terms of frostings and designs. The outdated plastic wrapping would not only ruin the frosting and beauty of a cupcake but also the taste. The need for better and competent packaging lead to the invention of custom Cupcake Boxes. The use of premium quality packaging boxes is making the presentation of many trademarks better. The use of boxes does not only protects the outlook of cupcakes but also the taste and freshness.


Custom Cupcake Packaging in Sustainable Material

The Cupcake Boxes Wholesale is made from a material that is safe for the food as well as the environment. We condemn the use of harmful plastic packaging products that are threatening the ecosystem. The boxes we manufacture are made from a bio-degradable material that is cardboard, boxboard, Kraft, or corrugated material. The boxes are approved by FDA to conserve the food's hygienic properties. The boxes do not let the cupcakes lose their flavor or perfect softness. The mouth-watering cupcakes with their aroma of being freshly baked are conserved and delivered to the customer in the best of form. The boxes can be thrown away readily and become a source of nutrition for the earth. The boxes are converted into loam after extended years by the action of natural bio-decomposers.


Cupcake Boxes Wholesale in all Size Range

The Cupcake Boxes wholesale can be made in any size and shape. The box form can be altered from the usual lid and base or a sleeve type. The front tuck double-layered box is a cute fit for a single cupcake. The number of cupcakes in a single box can be altered and as per the requirement of the client inserts can be added to keep each cupcake separated and in its own place. The boxes can have handles of ribbons or straps for convenient carrying of gifts. The cupcakes are trending to be used on events like baby showers, birthdays and bridal showers to be decorated in a fancy cupcake tray. The cupcakes are not just a snack but can be gifted to loved ones.


Personalized Cupcake Boxes to Surprise Your Customers

The Wholesale Cupcake Boxes are personalized with trademark-specific print designing. The cupcake box is printed in multiple color combinations according to the target audience. For kids, the box can be made of cartooned prints with stickers while for fancy occasions extravagant gold and silver printing can be done. The pastel hues are used for a mesmerizing outlook with precise text. Cupcake Packaging boxes are customized in all shapes and sizes. The logo of the brand is made eye-catchy with the embossing and debossing facility. The mono-color, PMS or CMYK printing options are available. The visuals and images are selected by the professional graphic team in coordination with the client. The ultimate presentation of the box can be kept matte or glossy as per the reference with the use of a specific lamination sheet.

Order Bulk Cupcake Boxes According to Your Want

The Cupcake Packaging Wholesale on bulk orders is delivered to the client on the discounted budget for optimization of the profit margin per box. The gross production saves the processing and handling time for both the buyers and the manufacturers. We are providing premium quality Custom Cupcake Boxes with free shipping. The best part of customization is that it makes the box individualized and every little detail can be altered and designed according to your own taste. For events, the hosts can get their names printed on the box. The client is empowered with the ability to modify their own box.

Why Rush Packaging is Best?

The Cupcake Packaging boxes before manufacturing are approved by the client through a test product. We use environmentally safe materials and ship the boxes to the client anywhere in the world with no supplemental charges under the category of shipment. We provide the best Custom Boxes in all USA. The reliable delivery of boxes can be done flat or assembled and can be tracked through the expert networking team. The customer representative team is responsible for assisting all the queries day and night to make the customer satisfied. We deliver the best and smooth business environment. We have developed an extensive website for the convenience of the client.