Fire doors should be kept closed at all times – a door closer ensures that the door will mechanically close automatically after it has been opened.

Most closers feature dampers which offer a level of control over the force and speed at which the door closes. This cushion is especially crucial on particularly heavy doors.  Correctly adjusting the closure speed can prevent an injury to a small child or a less physically able person; in fact, anyone who is unable to move quickly, even someone burdened with heavy shopping for example.

A door closer will ensure that your entrance door has closed securely after someone passes through it. This prevents your property being left vulnerable to thieves etc.

Most closers have a backcheck facility which prevents the door from being opened too fast.  This can happen on external doors during high winds etc. when the door could blow open at high velocity:

The door blowing open at high speed could damage either the door or the doorframe itself, which is obviously costly.

A door blowing opening quickly could hurt anything or anyone who is standing close by as it happens.

Once you have fitted a door closer then it must be checked and kept well maintained and/or adjusted periodically.
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