Titanium rods are metal rods specially manufactured by Titanium factories. The titanium bar is equivalent to the adamant chin bar. Titanium is a very light, elegant and durable metal commonly used in the manufacturing industry to make robust, smart and reliable products. The two most useful properties of titanium are corrosion resistance and strength-density ratio, which is the highest of all metallic elements. Titanium is a strong, low-density metal that is highly malleable (especially in anoxic environments), shiny and has a metallic white colour. There are many grades of titanium, but the most widely used titanium grades are grade 5 and grade 2. Titanium rode or the SS Threaded Rod Manufacturers in India with good quality material and very durable.

Titanium production

The first step is the treatment of a sponge containing chlorinated mineral titanium rutile from beach sand. Coke and chlorine combine with rutile to form titanium tetrachloride, which reacts with magnesium in a closed system. A vacuum distillation method is used to extract and recycle magnesium. The Hastelloy C276 Bolts alloy is a alloy that is considered a "universal corrosion resistant alloy".

This Hastelloy C276 Round bar is chemically composed of elements such as nickel, molybdenum and chromium as the main alloy materials and a small amount of tungsten.

General usage of titanium bar

Grade 2 titanium round bars are used in many applications due to their extremely lightweight, corrosion resistance and toughness. The specific uses of the titanium bar are shown below.

  1. Aerospace industry

Grade 5 titanium round bars and seats are widely used in the aerospace industry. Titanium bars are also used in aircraft frame structures. Ti bars are also used in moving parts of aircraft engines and propellers. Titanium can be alloyed with aluminium, vanadium, iron and molybdenum to produce powerful and lightweight aerospace alloys (jet engines, missiles, and spacecraft). There are good amount of titanium round bar suppliers and will provide good quality rode.

  1. Laptop

Laptop makers use titanium bars for their shiny, sleek, shiny touch. Apple uses a titanium bar on the body of the PowerBook laptop. Notebook makers use titanium in a variety of notebook manufacturing processes. The laptop industry is the largest consumer of IT bars.


  1. Armor

Grade 1 titanium rods are extremely lightweight and high strength rods. As a result, armor producers use titanium rods in the manufacturing process to make their armour lightweight and easy to use. Armor makers use titanium bars in a variety of applications to minimize weight and make their products stronger.

  1. Art and architecture

The sturdy and elegant appearance of the ti bar is popular for sculptures and structures. Titanium bars and seats are especially used in skyscrapers. Titanium bars are used to protect the building. For example, titanium is used to strengthen and support the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

  1. Industrial application

The industrial use of titanium is very wide. Titanium has become a top priority in the industry due to its longevity, lightweight, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and cost-effectiveness. Various titanium parts are used in the industrial sector. Titanium is used in petroleum, mining, power plants, and processing plants.