Conducting meetings is one of the vital mainstays of the authoritative achievement. It advances the collaboration between individuals, offices, & surprisingly outsider sellers. Meetings likewise have expansive outcomes on the representative generated advancement, responsibility of activities, & usually the business primary concern. In such a manner, Meeting Room Scheduling Software has reliably substantiated themselves as the feasible focus of correspondence & joint effort. There are numerous departments that still operate on using the paper-based, spreadsheet, or similar ad-hoc approaches. It is highly unlikely that such approaches will offer any real benefit to the organization. Specialist meeting room booking software provides a series of advanced tools that are intended for the industry to help streamline the operations & communication between customers & various departments, offering smooth & constant service. As the organizations develop hybrid working models, they are becoming more about the conference & collaborating spaces than the rows of desks. The spotlight is now on streamlining meeting room booking functions via intuitive conference booking software.

Meeting room booking software is intended to ease the procedure of booking conference rooms in offices and particularly in shared offices. The basic purpose is to maintain the centralized & accessible database for all management & employers of the office. This database contains all the information about meeting places, conference rooms, & rooms available including the total number of rooms available, the current status of the rooms either vacant or occupied at any given instant, booked & available slots for future use.

Touchless Room Check-In

Touchless check-in is the hygienic way for workers to activate the meeting room booking. From a security point-of-view, you can ensure that only the individuals who have booked can check-in or access the room during the hours they have reserved it for. It gives individuals confidence that they are in the right room, & that the room is ready for them. You can keep a room that has not been cleaned after previous users locked it until it is ready to use. And, this means you can get actual data of room usage. You can base your analytics on how your employees use rooms, rather than the room bookings. You can handle ghost bookings better as well, & release rooms back to the availability pool if they are not taken-up. Regular no-shows are simply identified, & training is given to the repeat offenders.

Anytime & Anywhere Meeting Scheduling


Making your meeting room display software reachable from anywhere is critical for the seamless employee experience. By using the room scheduling solution which is accessible via web, mobile, desktop, tablet, kiosks, & room signs, you ensure that the meeting room information is available at any time, for any type of user. This type of efficiency creates a ripple effect in the workplace and enables better productivity & simplifying workflows.

More Productive & Efficient Meetings

The death of some meetings is the scheduling errors. When you are trying to maintain a productive atmosphere & encourage collaboration, it’s vital to digitally or physically have all your stakeholders in the room. Making this procedure easy is critical to promote a productive atmosphere. With the room scheduling solutions which are simply available across mobile devices & tablets, you have to ensure that every employee can access their calendar & booking alternatives whenever they require. Digital signage outside these bookable spaces allows for easy check-ins & conference room releases if your meetings are moved or cancelled.

Increase Meeting Rooms Productivity

Wasted meeting rooms within the workplace are the major productivity killer. This is where the meeting room management system comes into play, allowing managers to have a clear picture of usage of conference rooms, & make adjustments in the real-time data available to all concerned. Because of this system in place, you can ensure greater space management transparency. The meeting room management system keeps track of who is using conference rooms in the office, thus estimating things such as the number of meeting rooms required, & their size etc. is much easier for the facility managers. In a nutshell, the meeting room management system will certainly boost your office efficiency & employee satisfaction.

Improve your Workplace Visibility & Employee Productivity

There are no more conflicts over double-booked rooms & miscommunicated meeting locations. Employees can book the meeting rooms with confidence due to the real-time availability of room viewing & booking. The meeting room booking system increases time efficiencies by eliminating the margin for wasted time or space. The outlook-based meeting room booking system streamlines the procedure of meeting room booking details, thus your employees can spend less time planning meetings & more time meeting. Accurate information means enhanced productivity, & less time spent trying to figure out where to accumulate.

At the end of the day, it’s up to your employees to remove points of friction throughout the workers' workday. The right meeting room booking software by Veris not only benefits employees in multiple ways but also empowers facilities managers to optimize the workplace by using data-backed insights. Veris’s effective meeting room scheduling software unlocks the office by scheduling your conference in an easy way with just a single tap of your mobile or mouse. Looking for the meeting room booking system that will enhance your workplace efficiencies & save money? Contact team Veris, and get a solution that fits your business’s needs.