App services in present times are impressive – they are becoming better with every passing minute! Newer solutions for all kinds of problems are coming up – from trivial to the big ones!

All of us have become device and internet-dependent. We depend on them for daily tasks, reminders, booking services and whatnot. Digital dependence is steadily transitioning into digital addiction. With every entrepreneur thinking on banking on the digitisation process, there is one who has come up with an idea of de-addiction!

Yes! It might sound unusual or unbelievable, but it is true. A genius concept of incentivising less usage of phones is on its way to becoming the next big thing in the app domain. Do you wish to know the name – it’s Lock&Stock. 

It a free application helping students not to get distracted and stay focused, especially while studying! It has set a pedestal for others to follow in the same or different industry!

For this piece, let us get to know about digitally addict habits and this intelligent concept; let us get inspired to ideate better! 

Let us get to business now and get inspired to do great, focus better!

Digitally addicted populace!

The number of smartphone users is exponentially increasing with every passing day; consequently, the number of internet users is increasing too. You might be thinking that internet users do not depend entirely on smartphones. Yes, but this is a partially correct argument. Allow me to explain.

Smart mobile phones are more affordable in comparison to a desktop, laptop, or other such devices that let users avail internet facilities. With number of smartphone users rising, people who cannot afford expensive devices are also able to use internet.

Now, though this has facilitated unprecedented changes, but the changes have been both positive and negative. The application industry and its expansion are the big positives. But on the other hand, phone addiction is one habit that has become quite common these days!

We might think that surfing the internet or binging on digital content isn’t really harmful, but that is not entirely true! A lot of people spend so much time on the internet and using their phones, that it affects their cognitive abilities and interferes in their daily lives!

The following are some ill-effects of digital addiction:

  1. Decreased concentration.

  2. Excess screen time takes a toll on the eye-sight!

  3. The blue light coming from the phone harms the eyes.

  4. The obsession with surfing and looking something new up all the time, reduces productivity. So, consequently, the obsession with the phones also increases to a great level!

  5. People end up developing fixations for all sorts of content online – sad but true!

  6. Time management many times hits the drains!

  7. Daily work gets affected as a few digital habits might hinder the daily routine and practices.

Despite all this, internet addiction is not listed in the DSM-5 disorders (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

The dependence or addiction, so to say!

The contemporary times find total usage and dependence on computers, the internet, smart, digital devices. They have changed the course of our living, the way we handle our work and the manner in which we operate. 

Despite all this, we barely know the ill effects of internet addiction on our mental and physical well-being. For example, psychological functioning gets affected by continuous screen time, but a major chunk of the population chooses not to learn about this in detail!

Let us look at some statistics to back this argument better:

- The number of smart mobile phone users has increased by 1000%, since 2001!

- By April 2020, approximately 4.57 billion people were ACTIVE internet users.

- According to a Pew Research study, 43% of Americans go online several times a day; 77% of them go online every day and 26% are online almost all the time!

The star application – What is Lock&Stock?

If we get into counting the number of distractions available to everyone, especially the younger generation – we will not be able to arrive at a conclusion. They are innumerable!

With ongoing school and college routines, examinations, submissions, etc., digital distractions pose a threat to a youth’s mental well-being along with his future!

But someone has decided to change that for the better. This person is Craig Fernandes, the CEO and co-founder of the Lock&Stock app. This is the beautiful application we briefly discussed in the beginning. 

  • Lock&Stock is an application that incentivises students for staying off of their mobile phones during classroom sessions. This app aims to fight digital addiction and help students concentrate and learn better during classes.

  • Craig got this idea while he himself was studying in college. He noticed the pattern of phone dependence amongst students and decided to take action in this regard!

  • The application, Lock&Stock, is free. By staying away from their phones, users can collect in-app currency. This currency here is known as ‘keys.’ For every minute the phone remains locked, one key is earned. Therefore, the longer the phone stays locked, the more keys students can earn!

  • Presently, the app is in partnership with over one thousand brands like Tim Hortons, Adidas, Sephora, etc. Students can use the keys to redeem offers on all these partner brands!

The app now has over 100,000 registered users and is helping students learn better! These users are from more than 25 countries; with this effort into play, education is becoming manageable and accessible amidst all the distractions!

Craig’s company isn’t the first one that is rewarding students to spend less time on their phones. Others such as Hold, Pocket Points, etc., have been offering discounts to students for keeping their phones locked!

How is it helping students?

  • Students can lock their phones, focus on their work or study and focus without getting disturbed.

  • The exciting part is that these keys earned through the application can redeem discounts, offers, rewards, prizes, etc.

  • Students can also save these keys to apply for scholarships for higher education at one of the 1200 universities that are partners with Lock&Stock! These universities are in different countries, for example – the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, United States of America, etc.

  • The extent of its potency can be estimated with the following fact. More than 1 million USD were issued for scholarships in the year 2020, alone! This signifies how helpful it is proving for the students.

  • According to the CEO, Mr. Fernandes, Lock&Stock had managed to stack up 1,151 years of offline time since its launch in the year 2017.

  • The revenue for Lock&Stock comes in through a number of ways – promotional campaigns, promotional activities with partner brands. It also comes from universities willing to advertise themselves through this app!

Lock&Stock is an inspiring example for all of us. It is not just benefitting the owners but is doing a great job by helping students – the future of any nation! These ventures should be promoted and their likes should be created in every part of the world!

A few words in conclusion

Applications, without a doubt, are one of the most impressive tools. Their importance cannot be emphasised enough. WHY? They have successfully managed to prove their worth and utility over these years!

The most wonderful example that Lock&Stock presents to the world is that solutions can sprout from problems. The need is to think more, think better and analyse.
The goal of this application is to enable school-going kids to strive for excellence. To enable them to concentrate better in times of unabated distractions. 

When every entrepreneur is looking for newer and better solutions in several directions, one among them saw a problem and a solution in the same domain! Splendid? INDEED!

Are you an entrepreneur or wish to be one? Do you also want to develop such great solutions that not only expand your business but prove people too? If your answer is a definite yes and if you wish to build apps, then wait no more!

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