It’s been roughly 40 days since the previous Premier League season ended and Liverpool were officially crowned champions. If that seems not very long ago, well, you’re right. Thanks to the delayed home stretch of the season, the respite between seasons was shortened – a great thing for soccer fans hungry to again wake up with NBC Sports on weekend mornings.Get more news about chelsea soccer jersey,you can vist futbolucl.com !

With a new season beginning later this week, we once again dive into the jersey sponsor partners for each team competing in the Premier League during the 2020/21 season. As you may expect, brands in the betting, transportation, and insurance / finance sectors comprise a large portion of the list.

For two teams, moving away from betting sponsors has already increased the sales of next season’s jerseys. Both Everton and Aston Villa added Cazoo, an online used car purchasing site, as sponsors and have seen sales increase 60 percent and 50 percent, respectively.The Premier League isn’t the only league back, of course. Check out a select few other clubs and their jersey sponsors below.

In terms of bucketing the different sponsor categories, betting (8) brands lead the way, followed by financial services and insurance brands (4), and airlines (2).Hoppe’s jump to first-team football on the international stage has been just as impressive as his breakout Bundesliga season.

He received his first call-up to the America national team ahead of a friendly with Switzerland back in May and was then selected to be part of the squad to participate in the Gold Cup.

In the previous edition of the tournament in 2019, Chelsea star Christian Pulisic was named Young Player of the Gold Cup and has since demonstrated his ability to adapt to the Premier League.

The American star is viewed as a generational talent by those in his home country and Hoppe will now be hoping to follow in his footsteps.