When you use an Android app and exit from it by using the back button, the truth is that the app actually doesn’t close, and it actively works in the background. So, you should know the right ways to close an app. When an app is closed correctly, your Android smartphone gets a speed boost with more free storage. So, let’s see how you can close apps on Android correctly. 

What are closing apps on Android?

You can try two methods to close apps on Android. These methods are used for different purposes.

When you close apps using the first method, the app gets appropriately closed and doesn’t utilize your device’s memory. In that way, your phone works faster than usual while saving the battery.  

The next method works by closing apps through the device’s app manager. It is also known as force stopping or closing an app. You should avoid applying this method all the time. It is good to use it only when an app is behaving up and doesn’t perform correctly. 

Closing apps on Android from the device’s home screen

All Android phones aren’t the same. So, the process of closing apps may vary from phone to phone. But the fundamentals of closing apps will work on most Android devices. Here we are using Samsung Galaxy S9+ for demonstration purposes. 

To begin the process, you have to start swiping toward the top of the screen. You have to swipe from the left side on Galaxy S9+. Most of the swiped apps are the recently used apps. You will also see a button called Close all on the Galaxy S9+. This button helps in closing all apps running the background in one click. This option appears differently on many devices, including Clear allX, etc. If you don’t want to close all apps at once, you can close them by swiping them one by one. The swiping directions for closing apps may differ from device to device. 

Using force close or stop from app manager

Sometimes, you may experience problems when an app doesn’t work or load correctly. In that case, you should try to force stopping the app. But you know that this act can disturb the function of an app. If it happens to you, uninstalling and re-installing the app may be the solution. 

But remember that force stopping or closing an app can fix many issues that occur to an app. You can do it quickly on an Android device.

If you have the Galaxy S9+, choose the app you want to force stop and press and hold the app until you see four different options. You have to click on App info. Then, you will be redirected to the page of that app. Use the Force stop button to force stop the app located at the bottom.

You can’t access the option to force stop an app directly from the home screen. Many devices allow you to do it only from the App Manager located under the Settings

To access the App Manager on the Galaxy S9+, go to Settings and select Apps. Under Apps, choose the app that you want to force stop and tap on it. Finally, hit the Force stop option from the bottom right. 

Close apps frequently

Running more apps in the background doesn’t mean that your Android phone won’t work. Too many apps in the background only slow down the phone’s speed and consume battery power more than usual. Therefore, you should try closing apps at least once a day to boost your phone performance.

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SOURCE : How to Close Apps on Android