People love reborn dolls because it simply feels good to hold a baby in one’s arms. In fact, scientists link a release of oxytocin, a “feel-good” chemical in the human body, to holding and hugging an infant or a small child. Some professionals even believe holding and cuddling reborn dolls – or any doll that has a realistic feel – might be healing to the body and/or mind, as witnessed by this interesting study with Alzheimer’s patients.

Another reason reborn dolls are popular is that they allow for role playing. This phenomenon isn’t much different from the explosion of sims and other online or game worlds where the player “becomes” the character, and acts appropriately to that character. Some reborn doll owners cuddle their dolls, most dress them and change their outfits, and a few actually take them out in carriages or in baby carriers for a stroll at the mall or a day in the park.

Yet others simply appreciate the art work that goes into crafting a good reborn doll. People collect all kinds of things. Reborn dolls are just another option of items to collect for their own empiric value – they look sweet and are fun to own.

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