When it comes to flooring you should never try any DIY methods. It is always important to seek professional support. Every flooring depends on different factors and without the inspection of the site, you cannot conclude. Armourcrete is the Flooring Specialists in Christchurch who provides you with different concrete flooring, Polyurethane concrete flooring, epoxy resin flooring, and concrete resurfacing for industries.


Polyurethane concrete flooring is a type of screed industrial coating. This is a 3 component self-leveling coating that can be applied to 3-9mm flooring. This is a protective layer for the floor.


The specialty of this topping is it can withstand huge traffic, at the same time it is chemical resistant. Another unique feature of polyurethane concrete flooring is it can meet all the food safety regulations.


This type of flooring is widely used in meat, fish, and dairy workshops, breweries, bakeries, kitchens, wineries, and cool storages. It is slip-resistant to a good extent.


You can choose Armourcrete for this type of flooring because they are known for their flooring works in industrial areas. They ensure safety and abide by all the rules and regulations. They use proper materials and mechanisms.


Now talking about concrete floor resurfacing. It is a procedure where the damages are resolved without removing the entire flooring. With the latest gridding tools, the cracked area and the chipping are finely ground and then a paste of epoxy coating is added to finish the floor.


Armourcrete has used these latest technologies to resolve the flooring issues of many projects. This is highly affordable and protects the flooring from any kind of damage. Without compromising the quality, concrete floor resurfacing is the fastest way to repair a floor.


For any flooring solutions, you can look for the flooring specialists in Christchurch - Armourcrete. You can find the best quotations and services. Many famous industries have considered this company for their flooring. Call to get your free quote now!