When it comes to household appliances, a washing machine is an important buy for your home.  While top-load machines are often praised for their reliability, there are numerous benefits of buying a fully automatic front-loading washer. Fully automatic washing machine front load is popular thanks to their ease of access and superior stain-fighting abilities. Moreover, they also cut your utility bills significantly making them better for the environment.

Making the choice between a top load washing machine and a fully automatic front load washing machine is a fairly personal one. But here’s few ways why a fully automatic front load washing machine is the better option.

Better at Cleaning:

A fully automatic front load washing machine is the premium choice as it cleans better when compared to a top load washer. A fully automatic front load washer is much gentler with clothes compared to a top-loading machine which also has a difficult time washing larger items, such as pillows or comforters, as they won’t fully immerse in the water.

Better at Saving Water:

Fully automatic front-loading washers use much less water than the average top-loading washing machine. This happens because the rotation of the drum drags the clothes through the shallow pool of water-detergent solution, whereas top-loading machines need to use more water to ensure that clothes get wet during the cycle. A fully automatic front-loading washer is more efficient and hence can help better sustain our environment.

Better at Energy Consumption:

A fully automatic front load washing machine is the better choice as it ranks better when it comes to energy consumption. Fully automatic front load washers spin clothes faster (1000 RPMs) in order to get more water out of the clothes, while top-loaders only spin around 600-700 RPMs. This leaves clothes less wet when leaving the machine, so they can dry faster on the line or in the dryer.

When it comes to a front load washer, it ranks better in overall features and parameters. It is undoubtedly better at being more sustainable and eco-friendly. Front-loaders can also be stacked, ensuring better space efficiency. Fully automatic front load washing machines can help keep your household running smoothly, so make sure you get the washer best suited to your needs and budget.