New World is a game that has attracted widespread attention because of its association with the premature death of the GPU. It originally scheduled to be released in May. However, Amazon originally postponed the official release to August, but they now postponed it to September 28, 2021. Amazon Games (a game development studio under the retail company developed New World Game, which belongs to the category of MMORPG games. They set the background in the 17th century. The player colonizes an island similar to the Americas. They may need some New World Coins to carry out various pioneering activities or tasks.

New World started its closed beta on July 20 and ended on August 2. According to the internal test report, many players encountered various problems when playing games, and some GPUs even failed or even died under the load of the game. Especially those EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards seem to be affected by the most common problems in games. Amazon later introduced a game update to prevent further GPU issues. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the game is the Open 3D Engine (O3DE) jointly developed by the Open 3D Foundation and Amazon Games, a subsidiary of the Linux Foundation. This is the first major new use of New World Coins, and it vigorously promotes the open game engine in the industry.

Just after they announced the delay of New World’s release date, New World Game developers announced via Twitter that they were extending the delay. According to the news, developers will need additional weeks to eliminate any possible errors and improve the overall experience. Delayed games are almost always better than rushed releases. It gives developers more time to provide the best experience for millions of gamers around the world. As we have witnessed in “Cyberpunk 2077”, it is also more important to polish the game after the negative news before the first release.

And it happens that players can use this time to conduct in-depth research on some of the problems and gameplay that occurred in the New World internal beta so that they can develop faster and better after they formally enter the game. They can also directly ask reliable IGGM to buy safe and cheap New World Coins and get a clear game strategy. Come on!

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