A well-designed business card may be enhanced with soft touch printing to give it a more luxurious feel. Because of its resistance to smudges and fingerprints, it may last longer than other cards, and nearly always, handing someone a soft touch business card can help start a discussion. When coupled with additional choices such as extra thick cards or edge color, it may make a business card stand out in a stack of dozens.

What is the significance of this?

It all comes down to the impression you want to make. It is all about telling the tale of your brand. Since these tactile advertising strategies are designed to be handed from one person to the next, how they feel is equally essential. That is why, when it comes to making a lasting impact, choosing the correct paper for your cards may make all the difference.

While it may be tempting to simply select any card paper and go on to the design and printing phases, selecting the proper sort of card is the first step in generating a competent and distinctive business card that will not be thrown away.

Matt Lamination vs. Gloss Lamination

Lamination, whether glossy or matte, is the process of coating your business cards with a thin plastic film. This shields them against water damage, scuffs, and worn edges. This is clearly useful for business cards, which are constantly handled and put into handbags. Consider it this way. The Matt Lamination option is like the sleek little black dress in the back of a girl's wardrobe, whilst the Gloss Lamination option is like the dazzling outfit she wears on her birthday. Both are useful, but for different reasons. Matt Lamination is strong and has a high-end feel, but it lacks the gleaming appearance of Gloss Lamination.

Lamination with a Soft Touch

Cellotouch, also known as Soft Touch Lamination, is a protective finish with a matt appearance and a soft, velvet-like feel. Just don't be surprised if you discover a possible business partner treating your business card like it's the love of their life in a dark corner somewhere. That's right, it's that fantastic.

Options for Finishing — for Those Who Know What They Want

If you know which finishing choice is which, you're definitely one of those folks who can confound the bartender with your intricate and precise drink order. However, if you are not one of those folks and only know enough about printing to get by (like the majority of people), this is for you.

Straight Cut

Straight to the point, no-nonsense. If this describes your company, this is the choice for you. This is a traditional business card with square corners.

Top left and bottom right rounded corners

A serious businessman who also understands how to have a good time. If this describes you or your company, this may be the ideal solution for you. This cut features only two rounded edges on opposite sides of the business card, giving it an edgy yet understated appearance.

Top Right and Bottom Left Rounded Corners

The same, but not the same. This cut is the same as the one above but in the opposite direction.

4 Rounded Edges

You're going above and above to ensure that your business card is not overlooked. With all four sides of the card perfectly rounded, this cut is basic yet attractive.


All of the basic paper kinds, such as uncoated or silk, as well as our hand-picked paper ranges, such as Color plan and color core, are available for soft-touch business cards. With a wide range of thicknesses and finishing options to pick from, you're sure to discover a combination that precisely meets your demands and resulting in soft touch business cards that your clients will keep close at hand.