The perfect essay writing provides an analysis of some literary text. This literary text could be a short story, novel, poem or academic essay. The text is appropriately analyzed based on a theory, and different literary devices from the text are discussed to clarify the meaning. 


Why is Analytical Essay Important? 

An analytical essay is important because it discusses those aspects of the topic that contain the actual meaning and concept behind them. They analyze the elements of a certain text and explain the unnoticed points. 


How to Start an Essay? 

Writing the personal statement about an essay is the most significant and somehow tricky part. The introduction of an essay is considered to be the hook of the article, so it must be interesting enough to keep the readers engaged. 


Here's a little guide on how to start an essay. 




Start with the complete research because it is the first and the most useful thing you can do to start an essay. A good research process will give you enough idea about starting your essay with a good pattern. 


Start With an Interesting Question


Asking questions can do wonders the essay writer. If you are just starting your essay, do start it with a question as it attracts the readers and urges them to read the essay till they get an answer. 


Write a Catchy Introduction


Now the process further leads to writing an introduction that should be also as good as the research and the question. One should focus on writing an introduction that's equally catchy and engaging so the readers love the essay even from the very beginning. 


Essay Topic Ideas for Analytical Essay




  • Analyze the key points from the novel "Mill on the Floss" by George Eliot. 
  • Compare and contrast any two short stories of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. 
  • Write an analysis of any John Donne's poem. 
  • Describe the concept of absurdity in the play "Waiting for Godot." 
  • Analyze the work of your favorite novelist. 




Thus the above-mentioned analytical essay topic ideas can help me when i will try to write my essay. The mentioned few tips could also help in crafting a masterpiece quality analytical essay.