In the last 7 to 8 years, the number of students doing MBBS from Philippines has increased tremendously.

And nowadays the craze of MBBS from Philippines is being seen a lot among the students.


Today we will try to know what is the advantages of doing MBBS from Philippines.

According to our information center, following are some reasons to do mbbs from Philippines.


1- Complete education pattern is in English medium because Philippines official language is English

2-The Fees of the Medical Colleges of the Philippines are Budget Friendly


3- The curriculum of the college has been design in a such way that students are always engaged in studies.


4- The teaching faculty is of very high quality and the English speaking accent of the teching staff is also similar to that of India, so that the students understand their accent with ease.


5-Indian food is easily available, as there are many Indian canteens and restaurants available in almost every city of Philippines


6-Law and order is also very active regarding foreigner, due to which students feel mentally secure.


7-Philippines is also very active in Research & Development, so that students get a chance to study updated curriculum with new technologies

8- Staffs in the embassy are also very cooperative,

9-The weather of Philippines is also quite moderate, the weather is exactly like Bombay or Chennai because all the cities of Philippines are situated near the sea.


10-Airfare is also very nominal, traveling time is also less,

If we take non stop flight from Delhi to Manila then journey can be completed in 6 to 7 hours.


11-India's diplomatic relation with the Philippines is also very strong, which makes many things easy for the students