In a world where sports are becoming more and more popular, the chance of winning from picking the right team is more significant than ever before. With this in mind, here are some predictions on what could happen with your best sports picks daily.

1. Cowboys will make it to the NFC playoffs. It is one of the strongest teams in the league with much potentials, and hopefully, this new year will bring them a lot more fans and success. If they can play their best football against Seattle, then there's nothing stopping them from winning even further into the season.

2. The Seahawks will continue to develop as a team and make it into the playoffs too. Throughout their history, they have developed quickly into teams that play at a high level – and this means that they are sure to be a fan favorite in the years to come. If they can take down strong teams like Denver and the Packers, then there's nothing stopping them from going even further into playoff territory.

3. The Cowboys will beat the Seahawks in week one because they are more robust. While the Seahawks may be a team that has developed well, there's no denying that the Cowboys have done better overall – and with their knowledge of playing each other before, they have more experience against this team than anyone else.

4. Damon J. Elliott Jr will emerge as a star in the NHL daily picks. Whether it's for his quickness or his strength, there are plenty of reasons to believe that he has what it takes to become a pro player someday – even if he does still need some time to become more well-known.

5. If this occurs, you should expect to see a lot more interviews with him on T.V. and a lot more news about his upcoming matches.

6. Colts will make it to the playoffs; Seahawks will not because they haven't been excellent recently. The colts have one of the best quarterbacks in the league and one of the best offensive players, which is why they have a lot of potentials to become one of the best teams in the country.

7. Peyton Manning will retire if he wins another Super Bowl. If this happens, you should expect to see him return to his college team – which will cause a lot of excitement for all the students and fans.

8. If this doesn't happen, it might be time for Manning to hang up his cleats in favor of something else, like more media appearances or coaching jobs.

9. Seattle will have a potent offense this year, and if they end up making it to the playoffs, they will likely face off against the Colts in a match that is sure to be an exciting one! The Seahawks have a tremendous NHL daily pick and a talented quarterback – which is why nothing is stopping them from becoming a solid team overall.

10. Dallas has a lot of potential as a team and could become a powerhouse in the NFL.

11. If they end up doing well, it could be a lot of fun to watch them in the playoffs, especially against teams like Seattle or even Green Bay.

12. The Seahawks are likely going to win against the Broncos, and if they do, you should expect to see them also win against the Cowboys. These two teams have both played with one another before, but the Cowboys still haven't found a way to beat the Seahawks – which is why it looks like Seattle has an advantage over Dallas!