IVF is a treatment for barren couples suffering from infertility and finding any natural way for their better future of having a healthy baby. IVF is one of the best options and a natural way of having your baby in today’s situation. The doctors recommend the IVF treatment in Nepal based on the past treatment of the patient, cause of infertility, age, and having the ability to pay the bills for the treatment. Doctors consider the medication and different easy treatments first for dealing with infertility if the patient is still not able to get pregnant and the treatment is still failing the doctors recommend the IVF procedure.  In this article, you are going to read IVF PROCESS in nepal, the success rate of the treatment in NEPAL, cost of the treatment in NEPAL. Let's begin

IVF Treatment in Nepal:

 IVF Nepal is a widely known and well-established treatment available in Nepal. It is because of the experience doctors and amazing experts, also provide the best treatment in the mentioned expenditure.  

They avail two kinds of treatments: Basic and advanced

  • MILD IVF: The basic treatment of IVF where the procedure is normal as the doctor prescribed the mild medicines to stimulate the ovary and shows the least side effects and then the eggs are recollected from the ovaries and mixed with sperm and fertilization takes place.  The procedure is still the same as the conventional IVF. The embryos are stored till the next menstruation cycle starts and then implanted in the ovaries.
  • NATURAL IVF: This procedure is quite delicate and precise. Some of its steps are still the same as conventional IVF but it is used to treat the patient with AMH or has low egg efficiency.

process of IVF in Nepal:

  • Basic examination: This is the first step of the procedure that decides the further treatment of the patient. The experts consult the patient first about their history of treatment, cause of Infertility, body conditions like any other situations such as cancer, uterine issues (PCOD or PCOS),  eggs and sperm count, and so on. This consultation helps the doctor to finalize the best treatment for the patient.
  • Ovarian stimulation: Doctors prescribe the medicines to the woman to stimulate the ovary’s function and to produce more mature eggs. The drugs help to mature eggs.
  • Eggs collection: the patient is suggested to visit after several days of injection for the recollection of eggs then the mature eggs are recollected and process in ART laboratory by an embryologist.
  • Sperm collection: On the same day, sperm are collected from the male partner.
  • Fertilization: Every single egg is mixed with each sperm that is examined and has a strong back. The doctors examined every fertilized egg to ensure the growth of the egg for 18 to 20 hours. 
  • Embryos transfer: The best egg that is fertilized and has good quality, growth is referred to as embryo and transfers in the woman’s ovary.
  • After fertilization: After the confirmation of the implantation of the embryo in the ovary, doctors prescribe medicines to enhance the function of the ovary. Then the woman builds the symptoms of pregnancy and after two weeks pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy.

 The success rate of IVF in Nepal:

The success rate of any kind of treatment related to infertility is fully dependent on the condition of the patients and the main factors following: 

  • Age of woman: a study shows that women between the age group of 25 to 30 have an approximately 70% of success rate. The women between the age group of 30 to 35 have a 50% of success rate and women more than 40 years old have the 30% of the success of getting pregnant through IVF treatment. 
  • Reason for Infertility: The cause of patient infertility and the past treatment procedures help to determine the success rate.
  • The success of treatment also depends on the quality as the experiences and success of doctors matter a lot in this situation so for better success it is necessary to research the clinics with advanced methods, better equipment, and experienced staff before selecting the clinic and treatment.

Cost of IVF treatment in Nepal:

 IVF Nepal's cost is expensive and invasive. The type of treatment defines the cost. IVF Cost in Nepal A clinic in Nepal demands around NPR 3,40000 per cycle. The condition of the patient also suggests the cost as if the male partner is not able to produce good quality sperm then they needed the sperm donor so, it cost more than normal. If the cycles of treatment are failing multiple times then the cost will increase.  The different methods and equipment also justified the cost of treatment.

At the end of the article please consult experts at Fertility centre nepal  first for the better treatment and success of treatment at a less expenditure.