Elegance with luxury. That is what the Hulbert House is about. It is a residence built in 1887 in Queenstown and has its glorious history. Its elegance, history, view, interior and service make it different from other 5 star hotels in Queenstown. We offer you a quality service with rooms perfectly decorated with a contrast of elegance and contemporary textures along with heavenly views. We have six rooms each offering a different interior and texture. Being one of the best luxury hotels in Queenstown, we make sure that you create the best memories with us. Regarded as the most beautiful and well managed luxury retreat in Queenstown, we offer the experience you dream to have.

We offer suits in two categories. Our grand rooms offer mesmerising views of the lake and premium rooms offer heavenly views of gardens and mountains. We hold the pride of being one of the best luxury retreats in Queenstown. We aim to protect our historical glory for future generations by contrasting it with a classy decoration. Whether you are domestic or international travellers, one of the best luxury hotels in Queenstown, the Hulbert house will be always there to welcome you with open arms.

Unlike other 5star hotels in Queenstown, we offer a homely feeling to our guests with our highly professional staff. With a cosy decor and breathtaking environment, people consider us as one of the best luxury retreats in Queenstown.

Queenstown itself is a place of sophistication and heavenly views. We are here to add some more luxury and memories to your visit. With quality staff service, unique interior and many other factors, we are determined to provide you with the best experience of a luxury hotel in Queenstown.

If you are looking for a 5 star hotel in Queenstown that brings you a flavor of elegant and glorious history besides of luxurious environment, we are the solution for yo