Buying Swtor Credits Delivery Method

The short version: We’ll send SWTOR credits straight to your character’s mailbox. It’s fast, secure, and easy.To get more news about Buy Swtor Credits, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

How do I buy and receive credits in SWTOR?
After making your purchase, we deliver your SWTOR credits directly to your mailbox. It’s the fastest, most secure way to deliver credits. When you purchase from us, we’ll get your character’s name and a few other identifiers to help us ensure it’s going to the right person.

In SWTOR, players can send items and credits directly to the mailbox of players in their own faction. We maintain professional accounts in both factions to make it easy to deliver to players in both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic.

How do I get the SWTOR credits I purchased?
There are a few easy ways to collect your mail in SWTOR. There are mailboxes in most of the major areas, so you can collect your credits there after it is sent. Mailboxes are often located near bind points and taxi services.

If you’re using the legacy system (available at level 10) to link characters on the same server, you’ll have access to a couple of additional ways to access your mailbox. You can pay 500K credits after reaching legacy level 10 to get one on your ship, or you can spend 50K for a summonable field mail droid.Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) was released in 2011 but has maintained a vibrant player community through updates, dynamic gameplay, and new stories and quests to explore. The MMORPG is set in the Star Wars universe, 300 years after the events of the related Star Wars video games, Knights of the Old Republic.

Players can join the game as a member of the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic, choosing a class that aligns with their play style. The game features sprawling story paths and choices to be made, and a cast of NPCs that the player can interact with. As players make decisions, new relationships, opportunities, and story arcs open up and others close forever. Part of the staying power of SWTOR has been the replayability factor, as players can begin again and explore new factions, missions, and decisions.

Irrespective of the faction that the player joins upon entry into the game, players also possess morality along a dark and light spectrum. The choices that players make move their character toward the light and dark side of the force, and simply choosing the bad or good side does not ensure that the player remains there.

Each player has their own starship, which can be flown through free flight missions and on-rails shooters. Each player also has their own crew, which can be leveled and trained through skill trees. The crew helps the player through missions and also plays a critical role in the story.