A student pursuing a marketing degree is most likely to learn about the IKEA case study sooner or later. There are so many aspects that you will come across while reading and learning about a case study. For a marketing student, it is essential to learn about the strategies that IKEA has used in supporting their brand and creating an unforgettable experience. Check out the blog to learn more about the strategy:

  1. Using social media platforms

Companies like IKEA uses social media to promote, expand and connect with their customers strategically. Social media has become an essential part of your life, and companies and businesses are using it to meet their customers need and understand their likings. IKEA uses social media platforms to post discounts, promotions, upcoming events, news and anything that can reach the customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The company has a team working solely to respond to their followers and give response to their complaints. IKEA’s campaign ‘Square Metre Challenge’ displays how successfully the company is managing social media.

  1. Augmented reality

IKEA is following the latest technology trends, and it is always ahead of time. Augmented reality or AR is a technology generated by computers for the benefit of the customers. It is a technology that allows customers to superimpose digital content over real-life scenes and provide a composite view.

IKEA launched an app called the IKEA Place app in 2017 to help customers seeing the catalogue and get an idea of how a piece of furniture can look in different settings. Marketing students can develop content from the amount of information and also find a new topic to write.

  1. Keeping things up to date

students need programming assignment help when they cannot complete or understand what they are supposed to do. Like any other company, IKEA also tries to successfully run an online website that can offer new products and new collection. The brand gets a lot of attention from their customer, and it brings potential customer too. The website shows events, promotion, campaigns and other aspects.  

  1. Online payment methods

Students of this generation understand how convenient it is to use online payment methods like purchasing marketing assignment help. Like most companies, IKEA has also created online payment options like PayPal and credit and debit card facilities.  


Marketing students must understand that IKEA is one of the most successful companies. Students can incorporate the strategies into their assignment or find best Physics homework help.

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