Time passed... Time flew by... 65 each. I was at ease enough to venture into the Wilderness once more. I completed my rune and OSRS Gold took a complete account of the swordfish. I would not venture into low-level Wilderness like the coal mine. The coal mine was not occupied. And then, in the middle of the night the level 65 Revenant freezes my body.

I think I was in low-enough-level Wilderness, but the coal mine is very-low-level similar to Fist of Guthix Why is this high-powered Revenant attacking me? It was hitting up to 8 HP at once. I tried to attack it with melee however I didn't know (back at that time) that Revenants employed a freeze spell, and then move two squares away, so they aren't able to melee.

I ate a swordfish when I was fighting Revenant. I prayed and turned to flee. The prayer did not work! The freeze spell was just too strong. Despite having many swordfish left, prayer + leaving did not suffice to break the Revenant’s freeze spell. I panicked, but eventually the prayer ended the freeze and I ran out of the Wilderness.

I was able achieve att/str/def/hp around 70. 70 per. I discovered that range and mage are required for the Revenants. So I packed the best items for mage (Orb Project full costume and a magic staff) Lots of runes and Earth Blast and lots of prayer points, a full inventory, and even an emergency (1 3 law+1 water) Falador Teleport. I was prepared to travel to Dark Warrior's Fortress. I was keeping a careful watch for Revenants, and I was ready to defend myself using my mage and prayer if need be.

In Dark Warrior's Fortress there was a warning that a level 53 Revenant was coming through the halls. I turned on the prayer in order to get Earth Blast ready. The Revenant was hitting 15HP at a time! I was only 8 squares away and had to pray on. But the Revenant still was hitting 10 to 15 HP per turn, even though it was a long distance away! I didn't have time to Buy OSRS Accounts eat enough food to compensate for the HP loss. Anyone who said that mage was the way to fight Revenants: I discovered it wasn't: Level 75 and 65 Revenants achieving 8-10 HPs with fully Rune armor, or a level 53 Revenants hitting significantly higher HP.