Ray Mirra is an internationally known personality and trainer. In addition to being a professional athlete, he has also coached several other sports at the college and professional levels. He is currently the owner of Ray Mirra Enterprises Inc., which was described as one of America's premier franchise industries in the late nineties. For those who are interested in following him in his career, there are many reliable sites on the web to do so. Some of these include:

If you're looking for Ray Mirra information on the early life of football, you might not find it quite as readily available as with Ray's coaching. But, there is plenty out there if you're willing to look. Ray and his wife, Gail, have produced several books that cover the subject. These include: The Way of Football - The Early Years with Gail and Ray; A Century of Football: The evolution of the Game - Theirs, and Clicks - A Century of Football: The Roaring twenties to the Great Depression. There're also a play, A Day in the Life of Ray Mirra, as well as a film: The Hard Way --Ray Mirra and Bill Murray.

A Good Writer:

If you are a novice football fan, and would like to learn more about the lives of professional athletes - particularly those who play on both the pro and college levels - you might be interested in reading about Ray Mirra. One of the first people that should be considered if you are looking for a football education is Ray. He has written several books about the game, including: How to Break Into Sports: Achieving Your Childhood Dream, and Coaching High School football: The Making of a Champion. While these are definitely the more advanced topics, Ray's background as a successful sports writer will serve as a great foundation for your studies.

As a sports writer, you will be primarily responsible for compiling and reporting on the happenings inside the locker rooms, practice fields, and other areas of the team or individual players' lives. Each day you will document significant events that occur during the week and analyze these data to determine the outcome of each game. For instance, if the Eagles lose to the Cowboys in Dallas, the writers will explain why this loss is relevant to the Dallas Cowboys future success. Conversely, if the Eagles win in Dallas they will look at the fact that the Eagles had numerous opportunities to win the game but failed to do so. This will give you great insight into the players and coaches that you are evaluating as well as the organization itself. After all, if the coaches and players are losing games, then you must consider the reasons for their poor performance.

Personal & Early Life:

One of the more interesting things you will discover about Ray Mirra is that he has a biological father that played professional football with the Philadelphia Eagles. That interesting bit of information came to light when I was doing some research on the biography of Ray Mirra, and while it did shed some light on his background, it didn't really tell me who his biological father was. This is one of the more subtle indications that makes you wonder about the integrity of the information you're receiving from an athlete's bio. I'll share what I learned later on.

According to a number of sources, Ray Mirra was born in Philadelphia, where his father, a successful sports writer for the Daily News, raised him. At the time of his birth, according to reports, he was living with his grandparents in the city. His grandmother would visit him often and even gave him some of her dog food from her pantry, although she claimed that she fed Ray only once each day. The fact remains that Ray never enjoyed the same attention from his grandparents as he got from his mother, who would take him shopping and introduce him to the world of books and reading, which was an important part of his upbringing.

Mother's Hardships:

Many of the stories about Ray's upbringing focus on his mother's struggle with being a single mom, and it shows in the way that Ray refers to her as his "soul mate." It certainly sounds like an accolade that is owed only to his mother, but it does raise some questions about the validity of some of the accounts surrounding his childhood. Even if there were accounts of abuse going on, would it change the fact that Ray had a wonderful relationship with his mother? It would seem that it would not, although there are people that disagree.

There's no question that Raymond Mirra has a hard time with accepting responsibility for his life, and his admission that he turned to football for some of his happiness and joy speaks to that fact. But it also seems like a cop-out to suggest that he was never really raised to be a happy go lucky kid. Is this the same guy that gave himself a football scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania, then transferred to play defensive tackle for the University of Michigan? Did his mother forget to send him money because she was a single mother? All we know is that Ray is the successful sports writer that he was because he had a great family. Whether or not you agree with the stories of his childhood is up to you, but one thing is clear: The man is no laughingstock today.